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    Chapter 6 – Drivers Licenses and Banks

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 6 – Drivers Licenses and Banks

    The alarm went off at 5:30. Tina scurried to the bathroom and started the shower.  She came back to the bedroom to make sure that Bette was getting up.  She was in the process of making the bed.

    Tina:  Come join me in the shower.  We don’t have a lot of time.  If we get there early, we won’t be there long. If we are late, we will be there all day waiting in line.

    Bette:  Okay, I’m coming.

    Tina:  Still asleep aren’t you, Babe?

    Bette:  Yeah, I am.  But I’m on my feet.

    Tina went and kissed her good morning.  Bette smiled. And Tina went to the bathroom and dropped her robe and got into the shower.  Bette got in right behind her. They quickly showered and were out drying their hair and putting on makeup. They dressed in dressy pant suits which they thought would look good in the “police photo” which would be on their driver’s license for years to come.

    They had remained quiet during their morning grooming.

    Tina:  Sweetie?  You look marvelous today.  Are you okay?

    Bette:  Yes Sweetheart.  I just didn’t get my nap out.  I don’t know why. We went to bed at a reasonable hour and we didn’t even fool around.

    Tina:  Well, I’ll make it up to you tonight, if you are needing attention.

    Bette:  No, I’m fine in that department.  Just sleepy.

    Tina:  Let’s go get some coffee, maybe that will perk you up.

    Bette:  Yeah, maybe that’s what I need. Oh, and Tina?  You look lovely this morning.

    Tina:  Thank you. Come on!

    Tina got some pancakes out from the freezer and prepared some fruit and bacon and served her family breakfast.  Once they had eaten their breakfast, they quickly all went and brush their teeth and refreshed their makeup.  Tina gathered the folders which contained all the documents each would need for their driver’s license and herded her family to the garage. Tina had decided that she would drive. She handed Bette all the folders as she took the driver’s seat.

    They arrived at the Redondo Beach Department of Motor Vehicles office at 7:45. There were only five people already in line so Tina, Bette and Angie were able to be processed rather quickly. Bette and Tina were processed by one clerk and finished the process in about thirty minutes.  Angie finished her process with the clerk and was directed to another room where she was assigned a computer to take her written test.  Bette and Tina along with Daniel took seats in the waiting area to wait for Angie to finish.

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