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    Chapter 8

    (Dana nods) Yeah, I agree. She’s too clever to leave herself open to being found through the hotel

    Alice sighs and has a sip of her drink. She looks to Bette.

    (Alice) Did you report it?

    (Bette) Of course not, I’m not going to draw that kind of attention to myself

    Alice nods.

    (Bette) And thankfully she left my passport, so returning home wasn’t an issue

    (Shane) What did she take from the safe?

    Bette sighs.

    (Bette) Jewellery. My watch

    Bette shrugs and has a sip of beer, and Shane watches her.

    (Shane) Your mother’s watch?

    Bette looks to her and they hold each other’s gaze for a moment.

    (Bette) Yes

    Shane furrows her brow and nods, and they sit in silence again for a while.

    (Shane) Did she approach you?

    Bette looks at her and then nods.

    (Bette) Yes, she did

    Shane taps her beer bottle as she thinks things over.

    (Shane) It’s a weird approach, right?

    Alice looks to her, considering this.

    (Alice) Giving no details of herself and being all mysterious?

    Shane nods. Alice thinks for a moment, and then nods and shrugs.

    (Alice) Yeah, it’s weird, but I guess it worked, I’ll give her that

    She nods her bottle towards Bette.

    (Alice) She reeled her in, and got what she wanted, and she didn’t even have to bother coming up with some story

    Bette glances around the table.

    (Bette) I just want to move past this, and stop thinking about it

    They all look to her, and Bette looks away and has a sip of beer. Alice examines her for a moment before speaking.

    (Alice) Can you really be so angry about this? She did to you exactly what you’ve done to, what? How many others? The safe and the money transfer were your go tos, right?

    Bette puts down her drink and looks at her pointedly.

    (Bette) I never slept with anyone I stole from Al

    Alice looks at her for a moment, and then nods.

    (Alice) Yeah OK

    Shane focuses on her beer and shakes her head.

    (Shane) There’s got to be something to that though. It’s too much of a coincidence

    She looks up at the others.

    (Shane) It makes me think she targeted you because of your past

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    1. So… Bette returns to the scene of the crime to try to find her mysterious lover. This lover hid who she was so effectively… surely she wouldn’t be silly enough to come back to Santorini on the anniversary of the crime? That is unless she wanted to be found….

      Thanks for the chapter and look forward to more.

    2. Hmm, if Tina’s behavior changed on the last day/night after their sea ride, maybe someone on the Helena’s boat recognized Bette and Helena instructed Tina to do what she did…
      How exciting! Could you bring forward the next updateHow exciting! Could you bring forward the next update It’s hard to have to wait to see what happens

    3. Back to Santorini? Hmm. Interesting! I do wonder who was on the phone with Tina in the previous chapter right before the theft. Maybe Tina was herself with Bette. Maybe someone ordered her to rob Bette. It’s lovely how Bette says she didn’t have to hide while being with Tina. Isn’t it sad that she has no person to trust completely? No loved one.
      Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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