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    Chapter 8

    (Alice sighs) Does it matter either way? Maybe this is her thing, targeting wealthy women on vacation. And maybe this was personal and they’ve crossed paths before

    She picks up her drink and shrugs.

    (Alice) Either way the money’s gone, and we’re not going to find her

    Bette looks at her for a moment, and then nods.

    (Bette) I agree. Let’s just get back to what we’ve got going on at the gallery

    Alice turns and looks at her for a long moment.

    (Alice) You’re back on board then?

    Bette looks to her and nods.

    (Bette) I’m on board Al. I’m paying you all back every cent of what she took, and you can have my share of our takings until I do that


    A year later

    New York, Saturday evening. It is the opening night of an exhibit at Bette’s gallery. Bette moves away from a group she has been talking to and makes her way over to Alice, Shane and Dana. She stands alongside them and they all glance around the crowded room. Dana looks to Bette.

    (Dana) So which one is it?

    Bette nods across the room.

    (Bette) It’s in the centre of the three hanging on the far wall

    Dana nods and they all look towards the painting.

    (Dana) And when are we planning the exchange?

    (Alice) Shane’s working on the copy now, and the actual exchange we’ll do once Bette’s back

    Dana looks to Bette.

    (Dana) Are you going somewhere?

    Bette looks to her.

    (Bette) Ah, yes. I’m taking two weeks leave, and spending it in California

    Dana smiles at her.

    (Dana) Sounds fun

    Bette smiles at her and has a sip of wine. They all look back to the painting, and Shane glances over at Bette.


    Later, Bette’s apartment, Bette and Shane are in Bette’s kitchen having a drink. Bette moves to the fridge and fetches Shane another beer. She opens the bottle and hands it to her, and Shane looks to her as she reaches for it across the bench.

    (Shane) So, where are you really going?

    Bette looks at her for a moment, and then sits down opposite her and picks up her wine.

    (Bette) I’m going to Santorini

    Shane raises her eyebrows and they look at each other for a moment.

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    1. So… Bette returns to the scene of the crime to try to find her mysterious lover. This lover hid who she was so effectively… surely she wouldn’t be silly enough to come back to Santorini on the anniversary of the crime? That is unless she wanted to be found….

      Thanks for the chapter and look forward to more.

    2. Hmm, if Tina’s behavior changed on the last day/night after their sea ride, maybe someone on the Helena’s boat recognized Bette and Helena instructed Tina to do what she did…
      How exciting! Could you bring forward the next updateHow exciting! Could you bring forward the next update It’s hard to have to wait to see what happens

    3. Back to Santorini? Hmm. Interesting! I do wonder who was on the phone with Tina in the previous chapter right before the theft. Maybe Tina was herself with Bette. Maybe someone ordered her to rob Bette. It’s lovely how Bette says she didn’t have to hide while being with Tina. Isn’t it sad that she has no person to trust completely? No loved one.
      Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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