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    Chapter 8

    (Shane) OK. And what’s that about?

    Bette has a sip of wine and then looks back to her, holding her gaze. Bette shrugs and Shane nods and furrows her brow.

    (Shane) You’re trying to find her?

    (Bette nods) Yes

    Shane examines her for a moment.

    (Shane) We’ve barely spoken about any of that this last year. I don’t think you’ve brought it up once since that first week you got back

    Shane has a sip of beer and shrugs.

    (Shane) You said you wanted to move past it, and move on

    She looks back to Bette.

    (Shane) You haven’t though, have you?

    Bette looks back at her.

    (Bette) No

    Shane nods. She looks down at her beer, and then raises her eyes and focuses back on Bette.

    (Shane) And is your interest here in getting our money back? Or in the thief?

    Bette takes a breath before responding.

    (Bette) I can’t seem to be able to stop thinking about her

    Shane nods and looks to her beer.

    (Bette) Going over every interaction we had, trying to work out what was going on for her

    Shane has a sip of beer and watches her closely, and Bette rubs her forehead and sighs.

    (Bette) She was different that last night. Distant. And we didn’t sleep together

    Shane shrugs.

    (Shane) Maybe part of her felt guilty for what she was about to do

    (Bette) Maybe

    Bette shakes her head.

    (Bette) It’s confusing. All of it. If she wanted to target some rich lesbian she would have gone for the arrogant, wealthy woman who was after her at the hotel before I even got there. She dismissed her. Why, if that was her agenda?

    (Shane shrugs) Maybe she did target you because of your past then

    (Bette frowns) Well, then who is she? I’d never met her before. What’s the connection? And if it was personal she just happens to also know how to do this? How to cover her tracks expertly?

    Shane raises her eyebrows and sighs.

    (Shane) I don’t think we’re going to work it out. Work her out

    Bette nods and has a sip of wine.

    (Bette) I agree, I’m not going to solve this by sitting in New York thinking about it

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    1. So… Bette returns to the scene of the crime to try to find her mysterious lover. This lover hid who she was so effectively… surely she wouldn’t be silly enough to come back to Santorini on the anniversary of the crime? That is unless she wanted to be found….

      Thanks for the chapter and look forward to more.

    2. Hmm, if Tina’s behavior changed on the last day/night after their sea ride, maybe someone on the Helena’s boat recognized Bette and Helena instructed Tina to do what she did…
      How exciting! Could you bring forward the next updateHow exciting! Could you bring forward the next update It’s hard to have to wait to see what happens

    3. Back to Santorini? Hmm. Interesting! I do wonder who was on the phone with Tina in the previous chapter right before the theft. Maybe Tina was herself with Bette. Maybe someone ordered her to rob Bette. It’s lovely how Bette says she didn’t have to hide while being with Tina. Isn’t it sad that she has no person to trust completely? No loved one.
      Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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