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    Chapter 8 – Last Night at Beach – Time to Dance

    Tina:  more and deeper.

    Bette: yes….

    Bette puts in three fingers and then with her other hand she starts to massage Tina’s’ breast. She then increases the pressure and speed of her plunging fingers. Bette folds two of her fingers to hit the g-spot. Tina responds vocally with every inward plunge and the starts to lift her hips to meet Bette’s’ strokes.

    Tina: I’m so close……Yes, yes, that’s it. Oh god…Beeeeetteee!!!

    Tina’s eyes roll back in head, her legs make small vibrations.  Bette can feel the cinching down of Tina’s vagina on her fingers and a hot liquid begins to flow. Bette slows the pace but continues to stretch out the orgasm as long as possible. Tina then closes her eyes and become limp. Bette then licks the vagina and enjoys the results of Tina’s orgasm. Bette is careful not to stimulate the clitoris again as she knows it’s very sensitive at this point.

    Bette has put Tina’s legs and lower body under the covers in case she is out for the night. She then joins Tina under the cover and pulls her into a close embrace, and starts to play with her hair and finger her facial features. Several minutes pass before Tina regained conciseness.  Bette is glazing at her wife with a smile and loving attention.

    Tina:  Oh, Bette, is this heaven? I’m I still alive?

    Bette:  Yes T…you are still alive.  Just a bit of after-glow.

    Tina: Yeah…that was incredible. I’m not sure I can move yet.

    Bette:  Relax T…enjoy your after-glow.  I’m not going anywhere.

    Tina:  But what about you?  You need some attention too.

    Bette: You can take care of that later. Let’s just enjoy this. I’m so lucky to have you as my wife. my lover, and the mother of my children.

    Tina:  I’m so lucky to have you. You are so good to me. And what a fantastic lover you are. You take me to the outer regions of the universe.

    Bette:  Well, it’s pleases me to please you. You are so lovely and so beautiful and so loving and kind. You make me a better person and I want to do all I can to make you happy. I want all your dreams to come true.

    Tina:  I have you and I have the children and I have our friends and our extended family. Now we are moving to Los Angeles and I’m going to paint and live with my lover and my children. You have helped me with every wish and want I’ve ever had. I need to make sure you get all your dreams fulfilled as well.

    Bette:  My dreams are being fulfilled. And I owe all to you. I love you Christina Mallory Kennard Porter and I will be by your side for as long as you will allow me.

    Tina:  I’m never going to let you go. I will be by your side no matter what. Death before we part. I love you Elizabeth Maxine Kennard Porter more than you will ever know.

    They kissed and felt the jolt that they felt when they kissed the first time. They both back off and smiled.

    Bette: Would you like to sleep for a while now.  I’m ready to hold you if you do?

    Tina:  Perhaps a short sleep. Then I want to please you and enjoy your body. What a wonderful evening we have had. Are you sure you wouldn’t like for me to make love to you?

    Bette:  I want you to enjoy your state of euphoria. After all we have been very active lately. I am not attention deprived. I’m enjoying just being in bed with you, so let’s sleep for a while and see what develops.

    Tina: Thank you sweetie. I love you.

    Bette:  I love you. Sleep well.

    Bette pulled the covers up and adjusted herself to hold Tina. Tina faced her and put her head under Bette’s chin on her chest and Bette put her leg over Tina’s hip. Their legs tangle with each other. Soon both were sleeping.



    1. I worked hard to get Wheezy into this story and I knew that if someone would not change a bit it would be Wheezy.

      And Bette is still confused about Miss Wheezy.

      Thanks for reading….


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