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    Chapter 82 – Can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter

    Law Offices of Joyce Wischnia

    When Bette and Kit finished signing their names to the documents Joyce had prepared on their behalf to create their new company, Fierce Kitty LLC which would be doing business as Fierce Kitty Records, the sisters looked at each other with smiles that reached both of their expressive doe eyes. Both could breathe easier knowing that once their partnership was finalized for the record label, the band would have the autonomy they could never enjoy had they signed with a major label.

    “Alrighty, ladies. I’ll have this expedited to the Secretary of State for filing today and will also get you a fictitious business name from the county. Once you have the blessing of the State, I suggest you start looking into getting a business loan or private investors for some startup capital, then you guys will be all set.”

    “Thanks so much for your help with this, Joyce.” Bette said with sincerity.

    “Naaa, I’m just doing what I was retained to do.” Joyce said as she swiped her hand at Bette’s gratitude. “I have a feeling you guys are gonna be great. It will only be a matter of time before your self-promoted, self-produced, and self-distributed material blows up and turns a huge profit for all of you.”

    “We really do appreciate your vote of confidence, Joyce. I hope you’re right.” Kit said with a big exhale of breath.

    “Sweetheart, the one thing you’re going to discover quickly, is that Joyce is always right.” The short-haired attorney winked as she spoke about herself in third person.

    Angus rolled his eyes at the woman’s cocky attitude. The rest of the band extended their own appreciative words to Joyce before exchanging handshakes, hugs, and high-fives with one another including James and Bette.

    “Alright guys! Late lunch at the Planet? I’m starving!” Alice suggested.

    “Me too. James, you comin’ with?” Carmen asked their new agent.

    “Yeah, sure. I just need directions.”

    The group walked out of the conference room and back towards the small lobby of Joyce’s firm. Bette dawdled behind them as she took an extra moment to shake the attorney’s hand again.

    “Thanks again, Joyce. Really, I mean it.”

    “I know you do. Whatever I can do to help.” Joyce smiled. “How you holding up?”

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    1. Thank you for this nice Sunday morning surprise! Just the right thing after stressful week at work.
      Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? How is she? The movie is on my list as well :-)
      Now I’ll make some coffee and start reading your post.

    2. Lots of contemplating these days for Bette. I like the way you show how she reflects on her behaviour/reactions to Tina. It’s like sometimes she’s surprised how different her relationship with Tina is and how serious it got within such a short time. Looking forward to their meeting at the beach.

    3. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter, I’m waiting the whole day to your promised next post for today’s evening.
      Now, Tina knows what she needs to replay to Bette’s L word.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.


    4. Ah, MeLL, you never stop to amaze me with your ability to mix all possible shades in this so talented colour palette of yours ! From caustic humour to deep emotions, I’m more than ever savouring the delightful flavours…

      ,,, and here I’m quickening my pace to reach our fabulous lovebirds at the beach – cannot wait to feel the glistening of shared love…

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