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    Chapter 83 – I Love You Too

    Despite the cool ocean air, the sand was still warm to the touch as Tina treaded towards her destination. Taking heed of the numbered lifeguard towers, she continued on until she recognized Bette sitting peacefully and taking in the majestic view before her.

    Stopping for a moment just to drink in the sight, Tina gazed dreamily at her new love. Gathering her thoughts, she pressed on until she was standing just beside Bette.

    The hairs on the back of Bette’s neck had long stood at attention when Tina was yards away and that familiar stirring Tina felt that first night she met Bette was alive and well in her stomach at the same time.

    “You mind if I sit next to you?” the blonde asked timidly.

    “Actually, I’d prefer it.” Bette responded without breaking her stare from the crashing waves.

    Tina gingerly slipped her feet out of her Reefs and mirrored Bette’s form by hugging her legs to her chest, resting chin on her knees as she watched the surf break.

    The two were silent for a few minutes, but it wasn’t an awkward silence. They weren’t touching, but they were enjoying just being in the company of one another. Even without physical contact, both women felt the incredible intimacy of this shared moment.

    Tina rested her left cheek on her knees so that she was now facing Bette. She studied the brunette’s delicate profile. It was obvious that Bette had been doing some serious pondering. Tina couldn’t help but smile.

    “You are exactly where Kit told me I could find you.” She said softly. Her right hand reached out to tame a wild lock of brown hair.

    The moment Tina’s fingers came into contact with the soft shell of Bette’s ear, the brunette breathed in deeply and closed her eyes for a moment. She smiled at Kit’s intuition and opened her eyes again to the water.

    “Daddy used to bring us here during the summer and play his saxophone on the boardwalk. Kit would sing and I would occasionally bring my keyboard and play along. Even though people walking by would toss change into his instrument case, he never played for the money. He just loved to play.”

    Tina sat and listened attentively to Bette as she spoke of her childhood. There was no denying that this woman had captivated her.

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    1. Sweet! I love the intimacy between T + B in all these little touches they share.

      Favourite sentence: “Shhh. You’ll ruin it.”
      Sometimes no explanation is necessary, any word would taint such a perfect moment.
      It feels like everything is coming together in just this moment. All the orbiting around each other was aiming for these three words.

      Thanks for sharing, MeLL!

    2. Oh, I have such a weakness for tenderness, chapters like this one will always worked their magic on me…
      There can be so much behind simple gestures of affection, it’s simply magic…

      I think I will stay there, on this beach, for quite a time, alone with my thoughts and emotions – I need it. Really I do…

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