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    Chapter 83 – I Love You Too

    “I come back to this spot when I need some clarity. Daddy would always lay out a blanket for us near this tower after buying us ice cream with the tips we had earned. Sometimes he would play a soft melody while the sun was setting.” Finally, Bette turned so that she and Tina could make eye contact. “I think that’s why I eventually moved out here. It reminded me so much of happier days with him and Kit.”

    “In that case, I’m glad he brought you here. Because he brought you to me.” Tina smiled at Bette, then inched closer to her so that their hips were touching.

    “Tina, I…”

    “Shhh. You’ll ruin it.” Tina whispered as she leaned in to kiss Bette without regard for the people around to see. The gentle kiss lingered, the moment forever ingrained in their memories. Again, the sound of the rolling waves drowned out all other white noise.

    Their lips separated as Tina leaned her forehead against Bette’s. She draped her arm around Bette’s shoulders and straightened out her legs so that her left hand could reach across and grab her girlfriend’s right calf. They shared breaths as Bette’s hand covered Tina’s.

    After holding each other close like that for a short while, they looked deeply into one another’s eyes again. “I love you.” Tina said.

    Bette could only stare at the gorgeous blonde sitting beside her. She touched Tina’s face softly, attempting to memorize the smooth skin.

    “I love you, too.”

    Another kiss sealed the exchange. This time, the kiss was deep; passionate; and symbolic of the words they meant.

    Bette was the first to pull away. Taking a deep breath, she smiled widely at her love. “Tell me I didn’t screw things up for you earlier.”

    Tina smiled in return. “No, babe. You didn’t screw anything up. My boss knows I’m getting more pussy than he is.” She giggled, shrugging her shoulders before continuing. “He’s just gonna have to suck it up.”

    For the first time in what felt like days, Bette laughed. The two women embraced, burying their faces in the windblown hair of the other.

    “So you’re officially out?” Bette said, her words mumbled into Tina’s neck.

    “I’m making out with a beautiful woman on the beach, I would say that I am very out.” Tina replied, her hand stroking soft brown hair.

    “Can we go back to your place?”

    “I thought you’d never ask.”

    After releasing the hold they had on one another, the two women stood and brushed the sand off of each other playfully. Once they were satisfied with the state of their dress, they laced the fingers and walked along the sand towards Tina’s car. It was then that Tina was finally able to take in the condition of Bette’s attire.

    “Do you always walk around dressed like an unemployed business executive?” she teased.

    “Do you always go to work in footwear that clashes with your professional ensemble?” Bette ribbed back.

    “Maybe.” Tina dropped her voice an octave and lifted an eyebrow which made Bette wet in the same instant.

    “I can’t wait to get to your place.” She confessed.



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    1. Sweet! I love the intimacy between T + B in all these little touches they share.

      Favourite sentence: “Shhh. You’ll ruin it.”
      Sometimes no explanation is necessary, any word would taint such a perfect moment.
      It feels like everything is coming together in just this moment. All the orbiting around each other was aiming for these three words.

      Thanks for sharing, MeLL!

    2. Oh, I have such a weakness for tenderness, chapters like this one will always worked their magic on me…
      There can be so much behind simple gestures of affection, it’s simply magic…

      I think I will stay there, on this beach, for quite a time, alone with my thoughts and emotions – I need it. Really I do…

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