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    Chapter 86 – You’re the Boss

    “So what do you think of the new jam, Little P?” Alice asked me excitedly. 

    Knowing that my approval means a lot to them, I smiled at my loud-mouthed friend and nodded my head at the same time.

    “Not bad, Pieszecki. At least a top ten hit, for sure.” I winked at my sister.

    “No way! Top five, hands down!” Carmen corrected me with a laugh and her hands on her hips as if to defy my prediction.

    “I don’t know guys, we could work on the arrangement a little more.” Said Angus. “Something is a bit off.”

    “You are your own biggest critic, you know that, Partridge?” I teased him. He was a perfectionist when it came to his craft. But then again, I was too, so it wasn’t surprising that I could sympathize with him. “It sounded great, guys. You’re definitely ready to showcase it tonight if that’s your plan.”

    “You really think so?” He asked skeptically.

    “Hey!” Kit snapped at him, immediately getting his undivided attention. “My baby sis knows her music, and if she says it’s good enough, then dammit, it is and we’re playing it tonight!”

    “Relax, Kit.” I smiled at my older sister, not knowing if she was really being protective of me or impatient with Angus’ unjustified concerns. “But yes, Angus. You have it down. Vocals sound great, and I didn’t think the arrangement was off key or measure at all. It was really clean. I can show you the video if you’d like.” I said pointing to my purse.

    He looked back at Kit nervously, before our eyes met again. “Naw, Little P, I believe you. Just a little antsy about it that’s all.”

    “I get it.” I empathized. “You guys have a setlist to show me for tonight?”



    Tina’s House – Tina’s POV

    I had been getting into the habit of turning off my phone whenever I was with Bette since Dana was, without fail, always interrupting moments that shouldn’t be interrupted, so I wasn’t surprised to see that when I turned it back on after Bette left, I had three missed instant messages from her. I skimmed up to the first unread message.

    It was from yesterday afternoon, shortly after I had left the office on my one-woman quest to find Bette.

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    1. Yes I remember you leaving us wanting more the first time round:-)
      Enjoyed the rewrite and looking forward to the conclusion.
      Thanks, as usual, for the post MeLL, well for the 4 pages!
      Have a good week yourself.
      6 am Monday in the UK as I pen this comment, off for a swim

        • Hi MeLL,

          I work twice a month in the weekend and have free time during the week. I recieve extra payment when i work in the weekend and on special days like Christmas, Easter etc. It allows me to go away for short holidays, like going to Laurel Holloman’s exhibition this year in Paris.

          And i love to work those days. As former train manager i am used to work in the weekends and holidays. Over two weeks i have 5 nightshifts, that will be new for me, i hope i stay awake 😁

          I plan to take my tablet with me, because between 1 AM and 5 AM there is nothing to do. So feel free to post as many chapters!!!

    2. I read the first story and I’ve kept up with the updated version. Umm, very much still in love with it! Thank you for updating. I truly madly, deeply hope these ladies have the happy ending they deserve. Especially since Laurel may not return to the show. I guess I’ll be coming here for my daily Tibette fix lol.

    3. Aaron Bluetooth, beware of the wrath of Tina, the evil Sith Lord! LOL. You’d think that some ignorant idiot like Aaron would be fired. Hopfully Tina gets to give a repeat performance of her last encounter with her boss.

      And I hope that Jody will someday get what she deserves for the wy she treats other people.

      I’ve been out of town for a few days and therefore a week worth of reading PBH behind. As it’s getting closer to 1 a.m. it’s too late for me to read your Sunday’s post but chapter 86 is just long (or short) enough for me to enjoy before turning in for the night.

      Thanks for posting, MeLL, and thanks for taking us on this wonderful trip aka “Playing by heart”.
      It’s been a real delight to re-read all these chapters again and discovering the little updates you made.

      Looking forward to read how you wrap up the story.
      Have a good week!

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