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    Chapter 87 – Telepathically Connected

    Alphaville Records

    It was just passed 10:00 a.m. when Tina finally arrived at the label’s office. Rushing into the building, the large conference room was her final destination. Dana heard the familiar sound of Tina’s heels clicking on the cold tile floor down the hallway which caused the public relations manager to quickly shuffle toward the open door of her office. Dana peered into the hall to see a very determined Tina Kennard walking with purpose towards the conference room on the other side of the building.

    “Morning, T.” She greeted the blonde heading towards her with an anxious smile.

    “Are they still in there?” Tina asked rather tersely.

    Dana nodded her reply knowing that Tina was all business at that particular moment in time. With her head held high, Tina breezed passed Dana’s door, her sights set on the mahogany double doors down the corridor.

    Here goes nothin’, Tina thought as she reached for the knob of the door. As soon as she opened it, she heard the scummy voice of the object of her disdain.

    “Alright, so does anyone have any questions?” Aaron asked as Tina threw the door wide open. Standing to her right and across the conference table from where she entered the room, Aaron locked eyes with the A&R executive and flashed a smug grin. “Tina. Nice of you to show up this morning.” He said, his patronizing tone betraying the truth of his words.

    “I work here Aaron, why wouldn’t I show up?” The fuming blonde challenged rhetorically. All of Tina’s subordinate A&R reps, which consisted of Oscar, Esai, Paige, Lara, and Ethan, were present sitting at the conference table wide-eyed and awkwardly silenced by what appeared to be the beginning of a standoff between their superiors.

    “Well,” the general manager began, “I wasn’t quite sure given the developments of yesterday afternoon.” The air was thick with tension. Nobody wanted to be the first to distract Tina and Aaron from their stare down.

    “I’m sorry, did you send out a memo about this meeting, because it’s not one that I had written down in my planner, nor one that was even on the company’s iCal schedule?” Tina asked cutting her eyes at the bald bastard across the table.

    “It was kind of impromptu.” He responded. Breaking eye contact, Aaron finally looked around the room again. “If there aren’t any questions or concerns then you are all dismissed. Good luck, people.”

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    1. MeLL,

      Have i ever bitched about the lenght of your chapters? Hmm, maybe i have ????

      But this chapter had a good lenght, please keep it that way!

      I am not a baseball fan, but i hope your team will win at the end of the season.

      Good luck tomorrow with your meeting and wish you a good week!

    2. I won’t bitch about the length… promise!!!!! But can I also be greedy for more – lol? Like the cat and Mouse between t and a :)… can’t wait to read about the egg on both his and jodi’s Face. She was never my fav character on the canon. Too unbending for my liking

    3. Bitch about the length of your posts! Who? Me?

      You are watching too much baseball, it’s affecting your brain!

      I enjoyed the few short pages you posted tonight thank you:-)
      Please try for a few more next time:-)


    4. I’m still 🤣🤣🤣 about your calling Aaron a “bald bastard”!!!

      Kit & the band are gon have sooo much fun with the show. Wonder how Tinas’ team will F up the bald bastards plan to sow discord amoung them!!

    5. Dear MeLL, after a pretty painful week, I’m finally able to comment a bit…
      Before anything else : a lot of congrats and thanks for ending this so endearing story ! Such a relief to be one of your new readers, it would have been a torture to wait years to get it ;-)
      I’m also waiting to see the discomfiture of Aaron the Moron and Snotty Jodi, as well as Kit and the Stouts’ triumph ! Of course with Tibette’s love surrounding all of it – the icing on the cake (… wedding cake, at the end ?) or even chocolate topping, my favorite ;-)

      Now, about your request : since “the silliest or dumbest thing” about my “significant other” is that she’s in my heart and soul but not in my life, I’ll spare you the pathetic story of a very-beautiful-lifetime-friendship-comforting-an-unrequisted love…

    6. Thank you Mell.. watching for the next chapter and the 15 min. Make out time before the band gets started.. sounds like Bette might sure in more than one way before the nights over.

    7. Thanks for posting, MeLL! :-) Once again a great chapter.

      I admire Tina’s cool. I wouldn’t be able to talk to Aaron in such a controlled manner.
      Gotta love Angus! He’s hilarious when it comes to Kit LOL
      Looking forward to Bette’s live performance. Or more to Tina’s reaction to it.


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