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    Chapter 88 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

    Then it was Kit’s turn.

    “In the paper today
    Tales of war and of waste
    But you turn right over to the t.v. page.”

    Again, the room came alive in stereo as everyone joined in the chorus.

    “Hey now, hey now
    Don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now
    When the world comes in
    They come, they come
    To build a wall between us
    You know they won’t win.”

    Angus, with his guitar already strapped around his shoulder, began picking at the strings in tune with the music. Bette stepped up to the piano and began fingering the keys in time with the organ. Shane took her cue and kept time in step with the beat of the song, while Tayo kept up with the bass line.

    Together, it sounded as majestic as the original they were playing along with. The club’s staff stopped what they were doing to watch the band. Once the song came to a close, the staff members cheered and whistled anticipating that the energy from the band would be just as amazing in front of a larger audience.

    “Guys, that was fantastic!” Zack said as he approached the stage. “Really excited to have you here tonight.” The band beamed. “We’re going to start letting folks in here in about 10 minutes, so if you want to chill in the green room until we’re ready for you, grab some beers and head on back there.”

    “Sweet.” Shane said as she sheathed the drumsticks in the holder attached to her drum kit.

    “Guys, we should totally play that for the encore!” Alice suggested as they abandoned their instruments on the stage.



    James and Tori were the first in the separate VIP line when Tina, Dana, Oscar, and Esai arrived. Tina introduced everyone and they exchanged pleasantries, all of them excited about the seeing the band live again. Tina sent Bette a text letting her know that they were there and awaited her reply.

    “Wow, can you believe the line around the building?” Dana marveled. “Did they promote the show or are these people just from the neighborhood?” She asked Tina.

    “I have no idea.” Tina replied, equally curious as to how the band was able to get this much attendance in just a little over a week.

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    1. I don’t mind a short chapter now, it gave me the chance to read it before going to work.

      Poor Leonard, not on the VIP list, serves him right with how he treated Bette.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    2. Yeah, I’m exited for the show to start as well :-)
      At the same time I’m sad because the finale of the story is close. LOL for Leonard not being on the VIP list.
      Thanks for this chapter, MeLL. And special thanks for the impromtu warm-up with Crowded House. Great song! Really one of those where you only need to hear the first chords to recognize the song. But besides CH is one of my favourite bands :-)

      Thankfully I’m going to be super busy this week so the wait for your next chapter won’t feel too long ;-)
      Have a great week!

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