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    Chapter 88 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

    “Um, I called some of the LA radio stations whose formats fit the band.” James said. “I still have contacts out here so I just got in touch with them yesterday after our meeting with Joyce.”

    “Impressive, James.” Tina commended. “Looks like your efforts are being greatly rewarded. I wonder if they sold out the show.”

    “Here’s hoping.” James replied with a smile.

    Tina felt a buzz in her purse and knew it was her girlfriend’s text response. “Oh, they’re going to open the doors in just a few minutes.” She related to the rest of the line. Just as she was about to send a follow up text, Max walked up with an older couple in tow.

    “What’s up, everybody?” Max greeted.

    “Hey Max!” James, Tori, and Tina said simultaneously.

    Max introduced Leonard and Phyllis to everyone. “Soundcheck sounded great, I think this might be their best show yet.” Max observed.

    Just then, the bouncer emerged from the front door with a clipboard and a barstool. The people to the front of the line stood at attention anxious to get inside. The large sized gentleman looked at James before glancing at his clipboard. “VIP list?” he asked as he mounted the stool.

    “Yes sir,” James answered.


    “James Preston.”

    He searched the names and crossed one off his list.


    James held it up for him to see. The bouncer picked up the stamp on top of the clipboard and waited for James to present the back of his hand where he was branded with black block letters that said “Spaceland.”

    This process continued with each of the band’s special guests with Leonard bringing up the back of the line. As Phyllis was allowed admittance, Leonard provided his name to the burly door man. After a brief pause, the bouncer looked up and stated blankly, “Not on the list.”

    “Are you sure? That was my wife you just let through.”

    “Sorry, not on the list. Next!”

    “Oh, but…”

    “Sir, back of the line please.”

    Leonard stood there flabbergasted. He turned around and saw the line snake down and around the building. With a heavy sigh, he reached for his cell phone.



    Bette spotted Tina immediately upon her entrance and bounded from the back room to greet her. “Hey, Beautiful.” The brunette smiled as she slipped her arm around the woman who held her heart.

    “Hi, Sexy.” Tina replied before kissing her girlfriend hello. It was a slow, deep kiss that had the VIP listers impressed.

    “Get a room, you two!” James teased as they finally broke their lip lock. Catcalls and whistles rang out in the bar area effectively causing the two love birds to blush.

    Bette welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. The special guests placed their drink orders with the bartender then Bette showed them to the green room where the band members were attempting to placate their nerves.

    Everyone was all smiles, excited for the show to start.


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    1. I don’t mind a short chapter now, it gave me the chance to read it before going to work.

      Poor Leonard, not on the VIP list, serves him right with how he treated Bette.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    2. Yeah, I’m exited for the show to start as well :-)
      At the same time I’m sad because the finale of the story is close. LOL for Leonard not being on the VIP list.
      Thanks for this chapter, MeLL. And special thanks for the impromtu warm-up with Crowded House. Great song! Really one of those where you only need to hear the first chords to recognize the song. But besides CH is one of my favourite bands :-)

      Thankfully I’m going to be super busy this week so the wait for your next chapter won’t feel too long ;-)
      Have a great week!

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