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    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    Two weeks later, Saturday afternoon, Bette is working at her desk in her study at home and answers her cell.

    (Alice) Hey Porter, are you at home?

    (Bette) Ah, yeah, why?

    (Alice) Because it’s a thousand fucking degrees out and we’re all coming over for a swim. I’m on my way now, and I think Shane and Dana will beat me there

    (Bette sighs) And if I have plans?

    (Alice) Tina loved us, she won’t mind us joining you

    (Bette laughs) Did she? And I don’t know why you’re assuming who my plans are with

    Alice laughs.

    (Alice) Oh come on. They’re with her, right?

    Bette doesn’t immediately respond and Alice smiles as she waits. Bette sighs.

    (Bette) She has an event tonight but yes, she’ll be here this afternoon

    (Alice) Well the more the merrier, right? And it’s nice us getting to know your woman

    (Bette) Alice

    (Alice) Dont worry, I’ll be on my best behaviour. Promise. Although honestly I think she can handle it, I was pretty fucking annoying the other night and she didn’t bat an eyelid

    Bette smiles. She rubs her forehead and sighs.

    (Bette) OK, come over. I’ll warn her you’re coming

    (Alice smiles) Great

    A while later, Bette and Dana sit in sunloungers alongside the pool while Alice and Shane enjoy the water, leaning on the side of the pool and sipping on their beers.

    (Shane) Fuck this is nice

    (Alice) I know, we don’t take enough advantage of your pool Porter

    Bette raises an eyebrow.

    (Bette) You take plenty of advantage

    Alice smiles.

    (Alice) Well let’s do this again next weekend if it’s as hot as this

    (Bette) Next weekend won’t work sorry, I actually do have plans and you’re not invited

    Alice smiles and looks at her for a moment.

    (Alice) Plans for the whole weekend? What are you doing?

    (Bette) Tina leaves for a work trip on the Monday. She’ll be away for two weeks, so we’re spending the weekend together

    Bette shrugs as she has a sip of her drink, and Alice smiles at her and nods slowly.

    (Alice) Right

    Alice keeps watching her for another moment.

    (Alice) You know you’ve got that whole face lighting up thing going on again, right?

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    1. It’s a great story and i love the development of it.

      It’s casual and both are fine with it, i do wonder when one of them is going to expect more. Because let’s be honest it already seems like a real relationship to me.

      Looking forward for the next chapter!

    2. Okay… so this is a relationship which is not a relationship??? Well, I guess that works great… at least for now. So there are no ties and exclusivity… no long term planning depending on how you determine what long term is. And most of all no commitment. Just do what feels right for the moment… okay… And I guess if there is ever a conflict, well, just deal with it in moment on an individual basis. Sharing of one’s life is not required, purely voluntary. Input or advice from one another is not require… as there is no relationship. And as long as you both play within the boundaries, life is good. Okay… So why the jealousy from Miss Tina in the prior chapter??? Me thinks that the desire for a commitment is not that far away from either of them.

      Interesting story… thanks for the chapter…

    3. Not a relationship? Could have fooled me but hey whatever it is it’s working. One of them us going to want more….will that be the end? We shall see. Please don’t make us wait long for new chapters. Thanks

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