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    Chapter 9

    (Bette nods) Yes

    Bette pauses for a sip of wine.

    (Bette) I think we have quite a lot to talk about

    Tina continues to look at her for another moment, and then nods.

    (Tina) OK, dinner

    Later that evening, Bette makes her way to Mesaria and enters the restaurant, and sees Tina sitting at the bar with a glass of wine. Bette pauses and looks at her for a moment and then makes her way over.

    Tina turns to her as she approaches, and they both stop and look at the other for a long moment. Tina nods towards the small dishes placed on the bar.

    (Tina) I got a head start on ordering. Help yourself to these and add whatever you feel like

    Bette nods as she takes a seat on the barstool alongside her.

    (Bette) Thank you

    The bartender stops by and Bette orders a glass of wine and some additional share plates, and they both sit back and focus on the music. They sit in silence together for a long while, and Bette then glances over at her.

    (Bette) Can I ask you some questions?

    Tina looks to her and they hold each other’s gaze.

    (Tina) OK

    Bette picks up her glass and looks to the stage. She glances to Tina out of the corner of her eye.

    (Bette) Are you just going to lie?

    Tina smiles as she watches her profile.

    (Tina) How about same rules as last time? I won’t lie, but I’ll only share what I’m comfortable to

    Bette looks to her and they share a subtle smile. Bette nods.

    (Bette) OK

    They both look to the stage and have a sip of their drink. Bette turns back to her.

    (Bette) You’re obviously aware of my past, so I guess this was personal. Is there some connection between us that I’m not aware of?

    Tina continues looking to the stage and smiles.

    (Tina) Yes

    Tina doesn’t offer anything further and Bette gives a small laugh and shakes her head, and Tina smiles over at her.

    (Bette) This won’t be much fun if you’re not going to share anything

    Bette raises an eyebrow at her, and Tina smiles. She has a sip of wine and focuses back on the band, and then turns back to Bette.


    1. Tina came on the anniversary of their meeting last year. Yes, she wants to meet with Bette again…. but Bette still does not know her name.

      Strange… that Tina is a thief as well. And how she is worked out the entire action within just an hour. Damn good… and of course Bette cannot report to the authorities since the money has been illegally obtained. And how would she describe Tina? No name… no information as to where she lives or does for a living… Maybe a picture on her cell phone? Not much help at all.

      Oh, and I believe that Bette was not looking to rob Tina. But we will see?

      Thanks for the chapter… want to read more..

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