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    Chapter 9 – Odds and Ends

    They had been each other’s rock over the year in many ways. But when Kit died, Bette swept the grief she felt away and shoved her sorrow down deep inside. She had used her emersion in the mayoral election campaign to avoid confronting the aftermath of Kit’s death and how it had affected her.

    Tracy Burrows, Bette’s therapist, discussed the foundation concept with Bette and asked several key questions. She thought the idea was honorable as well as a step forward in Bette’s recovery from her grief. The brunette would be facing her sorrow yet again by building a path for acceptance and turning her heartache into a force for goodwill in her sister’s name. The therapist explained to Bette that in doing so she was allowing Kit to continue to be a positive force in her life as well as in countless others. Bette’s intention of having Kit’s life continue to be a force for good would be realized.

    Bette felt more in control of her emotions regarding the passing of her sister. She could now talk about Kit without being emotionally compromised. And with the help of both Tina and Angie, she often laughed along with them retelling many of the amusing stories about her older sister. She knew that building this legacy for Kit would be another key element in moving forward and remembering the former singer and businesswoman in a favorable role. Bette also knew she and James would make this foundation a true source for assistance to the community and to the people that needed the support the most. Deep inside, she hoped Kit would be proud of her efforts and what she created.

    With her commitment to their renewed relationship, Bette didn’t hesitate to share her personal progress with Tina. She was determined to put the past truly behind them and embrace a future they both wanted to share with each other.

    Through this therapy and self-realization, Bette was letting go of long bent up emotions and deep sorrow. And she disclosed with the producer that she was losing the anger she felt in the loss of Kit. Tina was supportive of her partner and naturally was there to offer comfort and compassion as Bette needed it. Encouraging words and physical comfort in hugs and embraces were freely given. Tenderness too as they lay wrapped together in bed, holding one another. Tina knew Bette needed the physical as well as the emotional connection that they had always shared. The producer was content just holding her soulmate.


    1. Collins,

      Okay, nice chapter…. however I am still very uncomfortable with the relationship between this Tina and this Bette.
      Tina is still passive aggressive particularly in the bedroom. Even though they are have hot sex, I do not feel they are connecting with their souls. Something is missing in this relationship and I do not know what it is….And since Tina is calling all the shots, I cannot help by wonder if she does not have some kind of agenda which is simply not apparent to the reader….

      Oh, and in real life, Bette’s new foundation and Tina’s buisness are going to have serious problems. But this is fiction and I guess I should just overlook all of that…

      Thanks for the chapter…. write when you can.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, i would also love to have home on the beach :)

      And by the way – very good job with pictures in this chapter, i like that.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Hi Collins,

      What a great news you are going to meet your two nephews and other family! Enjoy it!

      What a great chapter and wow the pictures are awesome!

      It is nice to read how Bette and Tina’s relationship is developing further, both privately and professionally. And a house by the beach, how I would like that.

      It’s nice that both ladies have the help of a therapist, although Bette is the one who is most involved. It is good and a great step forward that she is working through her grief for Kit and other feelings such as her fears. I’m sure Kit is so proud of her. And James, her “little brother” who has always been such a great support to her and is now back with her. I’m so glad you’re bringing him back into Bette’s life.

      I hope you enjoy your visit with your family!

    4. Insightful chapter – lots of info about both of them. They do seem to be cementing their relationship- nice!

      Glad that her therapist has been able to help Bette with her grief for Kit’s death. It does take time to recover from that type of loss and that whole in Bette’s heart for her sister will always be there. Tina and Angie’s support will help as they all heal together.

      Glad that Tina is voicing her feelings and what she wants to Bette. I didn’t take it as Tina being in total control – but being confident in her renewed relationship with Bette that she feels comfortable in speaking for herself.

      Anxious to see how the Foundation will be structured and how they will all work together.

      And agree with those that commented about their prospective home on the beach. Who wouldn’t????

      Nice application of the photos in this chapter. I see the results in your writing.

      Definitely enjoy your family time!!

      Can’t wait for the next updates in July.

    5. Hi Collins,
      Such an enjoyable chapter!

      It’s good for Bette to talk to her therapist about her feelings over Kit.

      And I love Bette & Tina’s future projects – Bette and her foundation, Tina and her teaching studio. And a house on the beach!

      I love it when Tina takes control in their lovemaking. Seemed like Bette did, too… “Tina had just taken her to oblivion for the third time this evening”

      Lovin’ Bette Porter style . . . . FANTASTIC line

      Have a great time on your vacation! Can’t wait for the next updates.

    6. Hi Collins,

      What a huge treat to see all these new updates. But yours was the best! I always enjoy your stories and your tales.

      You were so right in saying that they are moving now in their lives and what they are doing both personally and professionally. I hope you give us more updates on Kit’s Foundation and how that is all going to play out.

      As always the interactions between Bette and Tina were excellent. I love how they still can tease each other and find joy in their relationship.

      I want to visit with Tina and Bette at their beach house too.

      Thanks so much for the awesome chapter.

      Enjoy your vacation and looking forward to what comes next.

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