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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 8

    A little while later—University Diner—California University

    “Em…I can’t believe your Mom is flying in tomorrow..Since you told me I am all nervous now.” Taylor comments as she picks at her eggs with her fork.

    Emma chuckles “Why?..You’ve met my Mom..There is no reason to be nervous”  she says as Taylor continues picking nervously at her eggs

    “Yeah but that was before I declared my feelings to her daughter..I am now going to be seeing her as my girlfriend’s Mother and not my roommate’s Mother..”

    Emma blushes a little as she takes a sip of her orange juice..Taylor sighs and momentarily stops her nervous fidgeting to look up at Emma who was sitting opposite her in the booth they were occupying in the diner

    “Do you want me to take you to meet her at the airport?”

    Emma smiles “That’s so sweet of you to offer but no..She said she had a rental car waiting and would drive directly to the rental house and would let me know when she landed”

    Taylor nods picking up her fork and finally taking a bite of her eggs “Ok well I know you want to see her so say the word and I can drive you there”

    Emma reaches over and places her hand over Taylor’s “Not only are you gorgeous but you are also a sweetheart.  I’m so lucky…Thank you for offering”

    Taylor smiles and winks coyly at Emma “Flattery will get you everywhere”

    Emma smirks “Oh really Huntington…Be careful with what you say.  You will never know when I might want to test that theory.  And will you have enough strength to stop me”

    Taylor slightly raises an eyebrow “Who says I would stop you if you tried it now…Maybe I can help…”

    Emma slightly jumps and coughs as she feels a foot run up her bare leg  “Uhmm…Did it get hot in here all of a sudden?” She says fanning herself with her hand

    Taylor pulls her foot back and giggles as she wipes her mouth with her napkin and places it on the table “You are too cute…Are you ready to get back to the dorm?…We have that exam tomorrow for Ms Kennard’s class and I haven’t even looked at my notes”

    Emma shakes her head “Tay you mean you haven’t even studied for it at all?”

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    1. Hey stargaze,

      What a wonderful surprise to see a update!

      You made my day!

      It’s a lovely story and i love your Bette and i am glad she reached out to Kit.

      Emma, such a sweet and grounded young woman.

      I look forward how this story will develop.

    2. The stars are aligning and the moon is in the right phase…. This move for Bette to LA is going to be a trip to Shangri-La. My thoughts are that Bette and Tina are going to at least be in instant like mode… For Bette and Kit, it may take a little longer since there is emotional hurt which will needs to heal…. Emma is going to be fine, provided the adults in her life are truthful with her and do not withhold information even though it is hurtful or reflects badly on themselves. Its important that young people understand that mistakes can happen. And it is best to own those mistakes and do what you can to correct the harm and go on. I think that Bette and Kit are in that situation….

      I am anxious to see the continuation of this story…. such a unique story line…. thank you for giving it to us.


    3. So glad you posted. I really like Erma a lot. And here we do. Bette is on her way. Not going to bet against Martha. Except they may be beyond like almost immediately. This is a very good story, can’t wait for the first meeting.

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