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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 8

    Mallory sighs “Damn Tina.  You are so selfless”

    “It’s not about me being selfless” Tina sighs as she sits down at the kitchen table opposite of Mallory. “I spent 18 years wondering how she was, where she was, if she was happy, what she looked like and I have had all my questions  answered. I refuse to be greedy and seek out anything more than what Emma is willing to give”

    “Well who knows..Maybe you and her Mom will become friends from all of this?” Mallory says cocking  an eyebrow as she takes a sip of her coffee much to Tina’s annoyance.

    Tina scoffs “Mallory please.  Don’t even go there”

    Mallory shrugs “Why?  I mean she’s single.  You’re single”

    Tina rolls her eyes “Relationship status has nothing to do with being friends Mallory”

    “Touché”  Mallory replies grudgingly

    “Besides… I am not the least bit interested in complicating my life right now with any kind of relationship at this point. And being friends with Emma’s mother is not on my list of priorities especially when I will be working with her on this new network system her company is implementing”

    “Seems like a good time to get to know her one way or the other” Mallory hints

    Tina sighs shaking her head “Remind me why I am friends with you again?”

    “Because you love me?” Mallory smiles lifting her cup up and tilting it towards Tina once again

    “I’m rethinking that minor detail at this very moment though” she says throwing her head back and laughing feeling years of weight now lifted off her shoulders.


    Meanwhile—-Bette’s Townhouse—New York

    After packing for her early morning flight to L.A.,  Bette found herself standing in the middle of her living room watching the movers Lawrence had hired enter and exit each bedroom in a efficient and coordinated effort packing, labeling,  and sorting boxes to be moved on the moving truck from furniture and other belongings that will be moved into a storage unit. Seeing the townhouse she has called home for over 20 years become empty was a little overwhelming…All the wonderful memories she made with Emma and with Kristin there was all she had left now .  Deep down she knew this would probably be the last time she would ever step foot in this townhouse again.  And she was ok with it.  For some reason she felt her move to L.A. was going to be life changing. Not because Emma had found her biological mother but because she felt herself being pushed to go.  From her job, Emma, and even from herself.  It’s like she was being pulled whether she wanted to go or not.


    1. Hey stargaze,

      What a wonderful surprise to see a update!

      You made my day!

      It’s a lovely story and i love your Bette and i am glad she reached out to Kit.

      Emma, such a sweet and grounded young woman.

      I look forward how this story will develop.

    2. The stars are aligning and the moon is in the right phase…. This move for Bette to LA is going to be a trip to Shangri-La. My thoughts are that Bette and Tina are going to at least be in instant like mode… For Bette and Kit, it may take a little longer since there is emotional hurt which will needs to heal…. Emma is going to be fine, provided the adults in her life are truthful with her and do not withhold information even though it is hurtful or reflects badly on themselves. Its important that young people understand that mistakes can happen. And it is best to own those mistakes and do what you can to correct the harm and go on. I think that Bette and Kit are in that situation….

      I am anxious to see the continuation of this story…. such a unique story line…. thank you for giving it to us.


    3. So glad you posted. I really like Erma a lot. And here we do. Bette is on her way. Not going to bet against Martha. Except they may be beyond like almost immediately. This is a very good story, can’t wait for the first meeting.

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