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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 8

    Tina slaps her forehead “Oh!…She is probably studying for the exam I’m giving tomorrow. And I think Calhoun is making them present an impressionist drawing next week so I’m sure she will call when she can”

    “Oh I forgot she is in your class.  You know she worships you as an artist”

    Tina smiles fondly “I gathered that from our conversation last night. She said I was the reason she wanted to come here and study. I found it very flattering and almost eerie.  She said she felt a connection to me and my art even at an early age”

    Kit shutters “You giving me goosebumps”

    Tina chuckles as Kit’s cellphone rings

    “Let me get that real quick..It may be the restaurant” Kit says grabbing her cell phone off the table and answering it without looking at the caller id”


    After a brief pause the voice on the other end almost made Kit cry

    “Kit?…Uhmm..Hey…It’s Bette.  Is this a bad time?”

    “Baby sis??..No..It’s not” Kit says struggling to hold back tears and looks at Tina who clasps her hands over her mouth in shock

    “Uh yeah…Look..I…Uhhh..God why is this so hard” Bette says in a frustrated tone

    Kit could tell this was hard for Bette but she was absolutely thrilled to hear her sisters voice

    “Bette?..It’s ok..I’m so happy to hear from you” Kit says as she looks at Tina who mouths to her if she should go and Kit waves her off

    “Yeah…Uhhh…I just wanted to say I’m flying to L.A tomorrow and when I get settled I want us to talk”

    “I would love that Bette” Kit says.. Her voice fighting back her emotions

    Bette sighs “Well…uhhh..I’ll be in touch ok”

    “Ok…And Bette?..Have a safe flight and hope to hear from you soon” Kit replies as Bette ends the call

    Kit slowly brings the phone from her ear and sets it down on the table

    Tina moves closer to Kit and places her hand around her shoulder pulling her close

    “Kit are you ok?”

    Kit raises her head as her lips curl into a slight smile. “Tina…Do you realize what just happened?”

    “What?” Tina asked anyway to humor Kit even though it was obvious

    “A miracle” Kit answers laughing though her happy tears as she pulls Tina into a hug.  She wasn’t sure what Bette wanted but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was Bette had reached out and to Kit that was the just about the best thing she could have ever had hoped to happen


    Meanwhile—Bette’s Townhouse—New York

    Bette sighs as she sets her cellphone on the charger placed on the kitchen table. She chuckles as she walks over to the air mattress the movers set up in the living room and gets herself settled on top of it deep in thought

    ‘Emma would have fallen out on the floor if she knew I had just done that.  If we are all going to be together in L.A. now I need to fix things with Kit…And prepare myself for Emma’s birth mother to be in her life…And I guess mine since I will be working with her at C.U.  Just how awkward is all of this going to be’ Bette thinks to herself as her eyes close and she drifts off to sleep



    1. Hey stargaze,

      What a wonderful surprise to see a update!

      You made my day!

      It’s a lovely story and i love your Bette and i am glad she reached out to Kit.

      Emma, such a sweet and grounded young woman.

      I look forward how this story will develop.

    2. The stars are aligning and the moon is in the right phase…. This move for Bette to LA is going to be a trip to Shangri-La. My thoughts are that Bette and Tina are going to at least be in instant like mode… For Bette and Kit, it may take a little longer since there is emotional hurt which will needs to heal…. Emma is going to be fine, provided the adults in her life are truthful with her and do not withhold information even though it is hurtful or reflects badly on themselves. Its important that young people understand that mistakes can happen. And it is best to own those mistakes and do what you can to correct the harm and go on. I think that Bette and Kit are in that situation….

      I am anxious to see the continuation of this story…. such a unique story line…. thank you for giving it to us.


    3. So glad you posted. I really like Erma a lot. And here we do. Bette is on her way. Not going to bet against Martha. Except they may be beyond like almost immediately. This is a very good story, can’t wait for the first meeting.

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