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    Dear Diary—Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    Bette sat on the sofa next to her high school best friend Joan whom she hadn’t seen since their Senior year of high school when Bette moved to start her freshman year at UConn.  They kept in touch until she got seriously involved with Wendy and shut her out of her life just like she shut everything and everyone else out at that time.  But luckily Joan didn’t hold any grudge and welcomed her with open arms and listened as she caught her up on her life

    “Damn Bette..I knew she was going to suck the life out of you”

    Bette nodded

    “I was blind Joan…I was in love…I just knew she was the one..10 years together just wasted”

    Joan sighed “I know it’s fresh right now…But the one is still out there for you”

    Bette groaned as Joan put a comforting hand on her shoulder

    “I mean it Bette…Anyone would be lucky to have you. That would treat you the way you deserve..Like a Queen”

    Bette chuckled and turned to face Joan

    “It’s funny you said that because that’s another reason I’m here”

    Joan quickly took her hand off Bette’s shoulder

    “Bette I’m flattered really but you know I’m not into women” Joan stated in a serious voice

    Bette scoffed and rolled her eyes shoving Joan’s arm playfully

    “I’m being serious right now”

    Joan chuckled and cleared her throat “Ok I’m sorry…Not that I’m complaining because it so wonderful seeing you again but what else brought you here”

    “A diary” Bette answered pulling out the diary from her purse

    Joan watched as Bette ran her hand over the leather bonding

    “A diary?…Who’s diary?..Yours?” Joan asked her curiosity now piqued

    “Uhmmm…No..That’s why I am here..I found it in my new apartment…But Joan it’s entirely about me..Well so far it has been but-“

    “What?…About you?” Joan interrupted extremely intrigued

    Bette nodded “Yeah..And the thing is I don’t know who wrote it..It was some girl we went to high school with that this crush or obsession as the author refers to it” Bette chuckled slightly at that “ And that’s why I am here because I wanted to see if you remembered anyone that maybe liked me back then”

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    1. Well, all the pieces are beginning to line up to fall into place for Bette to guess that Tina is Chris Kennard from Westwood. Haleigh is mentioned in the diary. Joan remember Chris was Tyler’s friend and now Tina admits she went to Westwood for a year? But which year? And maybe Tina’s not quite revealing the whole truth… Bette is close to guess the author of the diary… and Bette must know something as she asked about Lacey Minton who has yet to be mentioned in the diary….

      So the investigation continues. I like Tina… everyone needs a Tina and a Bette in their life… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to more.

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