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    Dear Diary—Chapter 4

    Joan chuckled

    “Sounds like she worshipped you if the whole damn thing is about you..She might have had a shrine”

    Bette playfully slaps Joan on the arm

    “Shut up!….I missed you ya know!” Bette says giving Joan a warm smile

    “I missed you too…Lets get together soon..Mike won’t be back for a few weeks from his business trip”

    Bette nodded “I’d love that…And thanks to you I at least have a name…Well part of name…My search continues”


    Tina pulled up and parked her car in the parking lot of the Planet and entered with her briefcase in her hand. She wasn’t sure why she always carried it everywhere she went but it was like an appendage for her and she felt naked without it. She chuckled to herself as she approached the bar and threw her briefcase in the stool next to the one she sat down in.

    ”You just got here?”

    The voice startled her as she turned and saw her old colleague Jason Simmons seating himself next to her

    Tina nodded

    “Yeah…Great timing”

    Jason smiled  “Always”

    Tina smirked and slightly chuckled before sighing heavily

    “What am I going to do with her Jason?” She asks looking around for the bartender

    “She’s gotten herself into one hell of a mess now”

    Tina nodded “It’s hard…I’ve always bailed her out..Literally..I just can’t keep doing that…She has to learn”

    “You know attorney-client privilege prevents me from-“

    Tina through her hand up to stop him

    “I know that Jason..I didn’t ask you here to know what was discussed between the two of you…I want you to tell me straight up what we are dealing with…With her priors as a juvenile I know Judge Lynn is going to throw the book at her”

    Jason shakes his head “Tina you of all people know my clients don’t do jail time but I have spoken with Judge Lynn and he will have her record expunged once she completes boot camp provided that she pleads guilty and completes the 4 month program”

    Tina would have spit her drink out if she had one right now

    “Boot camp? That’s genius!  Haileigh needs that..Why didn’t I think of that?” Tina enthusiastically replied “I spent so much time getting her out of trouble and avoiding any punishment for her I never thought about boot camp…It’s helped so many young offenders get on the straight and narrow”


    1. Well, all the pieces are beginning to line up to fall into place for Bette to guess that Tina is Chris Kennard from Westwood. Haleigh is mentioned in the diary. Joan remember Chris was Tyler’s friend and now Tina admits she went to Westwood for a year? But which year? And maybe Tina’s not quite revealing the whole truth… Bette is close to guess the author of the diary… and Bette must know something as she asked about Lacey Minton who has yet to be mentioned in the diary….

      So the investigation continues. I like Tina… everyone needs a Tina and a Bette in their life… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to more.

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