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    Family Dinner

    Alice looks at Tina and nods. ”Come on….”

    Bette glances at Tina before she walks over and sits next to Michelle.

    Tina slowly walks over and sits across the table from Bette and Michelle. She scoots her chair closer to the table and inadvertently locks eyes with Bette’s wife; just as she’s about to look away, the stern glare coming from Michelle forces her to hold eye contact with the woman for a few beats longer.

    Everyone else seems oblivious to the silent, intense moment except for the two women involved in the staring match.

    ”Alright, let’s eat, people…” Kit says as she enters, followed by a few of her staff who sit the food in the middle of the table.

    Alice rubs her hands together in anticipation. ”Awesome, I’m starving… Hey, don’t hog the mashed potatoes, Tina…pass’em down…”

    Tina giggles as she reaches for the bowl of mashed potatoes. ”Oh, sorry…”

    Kit sits down at the head of the table. She then picks up her iced tea and holds it in the air. ”Before we dig in…. glasses in the air, I feel like a toast is in order….”

    Everyone reaches for their drinks and holds them in the air. Michelle reluctantly follows suit.

    ”To family….” Kit then looks at Tina. ”Our complete family….”

    ”Hear, hear….” Everyone says before taking a sip.

    Michelle gulps her wine and sits her glass on the table without saying a word.

    ”Alright, now we can get this dinner started….” Kit says.

    Tina dabs her eyes with a napkin and then laughs when Alice scolds her again for not passing her the rolls this time……




    A few hours later, everyone is gearing up to leave.

    Tina tentatively strolls over to Bette. ”Uh, so I’m thinking I’ll talk with Angie solo, and then we can set up a time to talk to her together…. or you’re more than welcome to talk to her solo….”

    Bette gently smiles. ”Yeah…no, I mean, we can talk to her together initially, and then maybe I’ll have a solo conversation with her…if you’re good with that….”

    Tina nods. ”Absolutely….”

    ”Bette…. we’re ready….” Michelle says.

    Bette turns round and sees her wife standing by the door, holding their son. ”Yeah, I’m coming…” She turns and looks at Tina again. ”So, I guess we’ll talk….”


    ”K… see ya…” Bette then stoops down and hugs Angie before she walks over to her wife.

    Michelle once again glares at Tina as Bette lifts Mickey from her arms.

    Tina watches Bette leave with her family. She then looks down at Angie. ”Ready to go?”

    Angie nods. ”Yeah…”

    Tina smiles. ”Let’s go home….” She says as she grabs her daughter’s hand and heads out of the room…




    Adams Porter household…


    Bette carefully lays Mickey in his crib and then walks into the kitchen, where she sees her wife pouring a glass of wine.

    Michelle shakes her head and takes a sip from her glass. ”So just like that, she’s TK to Alice again, huh? I’m trying to understand how you guys can forgive and forget what she did so easily….”

    Bette sighs and leans against the counter. ”Nobody’s forgotten what she did, Chelly…”

    ”Coulda fuckin fooled me tonight the way everyone was gushing all over her….”

    Bette shrugs. ”She was a part of their lives for years, Michelle, she was family, and everyone missed her….”

    Michelle looks at her wife. ”Everyone?”

    Bette drops her head. ”You know what I mean…”

    ”Do I?” Michelle says as she sips her wine. ”I swear it’s like the bitch put some sort of spell on you guys….” She mumbles.

    Bette cringes but doesn’t say anything.

    Michelle notices her wife’s expression. ”What? What’s with the face?”

    Bette sighs and allows a beat to pass before she responds. ”I know this situation is uncomfortable, but…you don’t know her well enough to call her a bitch, Chelly….”

    Michelle slowly sets her wine on the counter and strolls over to Bette. ”I don’t have to know her, Bette… I know what she did to you…what she took from you. That’s all I need to know about Tina fucking Kennard…. fuck her…… I’m headed to bed and hope to see my wife there soon….”

    Michelle then angrily walks out of the kitchen.

    Bette takes a deep breath again and downs the rest of Michelle’s wine.

    ”Fuck…” she whispers as she slowly strolls out of the kitchen…..


    1. To me, one thing is for certain. Michelle is not making Bette’s life any easier. She is making it more difficult for Bette to have a reasonable relationship with Angie. And if she keeps up this attitude of vengeance, she is going to cause Bette to lay down some boundaries in order to keep peace in the household. Michelle may not like what Tina did to Bette and even to the rest of the gang. But it is up to each individual to determine what their relationship will be going forward with Tina. And dear Michelle needs to understand that a future relationship between Bette and her daughter is going to mean a relationship with Angie’s mother as well. And everyone can enter this in the sprit of cooperation and hope, or they can foster vengeance and resentment. Michelle needs to realize that she is not the victim of Tina’s actions. And those who were victims will determine their own path forward. My advice to Michelle is to take a more neutral stance and see where this is headed for Bette. Her life will be a whole lot easier if she does.

      Thanks for the chapter… cannot wait to read more.

    2. I sympathize with Michelle & Dani bc they were the ones who shouldered the emotional burden to nurse our favorite couple back to life.

      Bette recovering to the point of re-marrying and becoing a Mom.

      And Tina committed to Dani but not engaged right?

      M&D “suspect” that the Tibette ‘ship must have very amorous and intense . . .

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