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    Forced Conversation

    Tina finds a parking space in front of Angie’s school and hurries her daughter out of the car. Angie grabs her backpack, slides it on, and then happily grabs her mother’s hand as they head toward the front door.

    Tina looks down at her daughter and smiles. ”Do you think you’ll be ready to walk into school on your own tomorrow, honey?”

    Angie shrugs. ”We’ll see….”

    Tina giggles and then points to the drop-off line. ”You see how the other kids are getting out of the car alone? You can do that, right?”

    Angie watches the other kids and shrugs again. ”Maybe….” She then turns and looks at Tina. ”My other school didn’t do that….”

    ”I know, but you’re getting older, honey….” Tina then recognizes some high-profile Hollywood personalities dropping off their kids. ”And this is a totally different world than Orlando…” she mumbles.

    They finally reach the entrance, and Tina stoops in front of Angie. ”Have a good day, sweetie…I’ll see you this evening…”

    Angie smiles. ”K…”

    Tina kisses Angie, stands up, and watches her daughter enter the school. She then turns and walks to her car. As she opens the door, she looks across the street toward the high school and sees Bette’s wife standing outside, greeting students.

    A few beats later, Tina smiles sheepishly when she locks eyes with Michelle. She gives the woman an awkward wave.

    Michelle returns the gesture and then quickly looks away.

    Tina slides on her sunglasses and gets into her car. ”A totally different fucking world indeed….” She mumbles. She then dials a number and listens to it ring through her Bluetooth.

    After a few rings, she hears a voicemail message she’s become familiar with over the past few days. ”Bette, this is like the fourth message I’ve left you… it’s been a week since we last talked, and I really need to speak to you…. call me back. Please?” Tina then ends the call and sighs as she drops her head back. After a few beats, she starts her car and exits the parking lot…




    Adams Porter Household…

    Later that night, after dinner, Bette walks into the kitchen and smiles when she sees her wife standing at the sink washing dishes. She walks up behind Michelle, wraps her arms around her waist, and kisses her neck.

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    1. This is a good first step for both Tina and for Bette. Admit they both screwed up and then take steps to make it right for the children. Agreeing that Bette is Angie’s other mother is huge. I just wonder how Michelle and Dani are going to react to this new situation. Something tells me that neither of the two current love interest are going to be very happy about the exes having any kind of relationship. But as the old saying goes: Never make a mother choose between her child and someone else. The someone else will loose every time.

      Thanks for this chapter. Anxious to see what happens…

    2. Every morning when i wake up, i refresh this site to check if there’s a new update of of this revised version of my favorite tibetter story.

      Yes, Tina, take your win for the day. You’ll win Shane soon!

    3. Such an intriguing story . . . so many paths to explore.
      1. I like Michelle. She knew tat at some point their path would cross with T I N A. I think for her Tina could be called “Joline” from Dolly Parton’s song . . .

      2. I’ wondering if LiL Ange will innocently mention Dani at the upcoming “family” night. Which would b welcomed news for Michelle . . . but prolly not for Bette.

      Oooohh baby this is gonna be interesting!!

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