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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Two

    Bette shows off her handy work “May I slip this back on Cinderella’s foot?”

    “Thank you so much for doing this. You are lifesaver and yes you may” Tina lifts her foot and tilts it in an exaggerated pose

    Bette chuckles and slips the shoe on letting her hand linger on Tina’s calf

    “Hours of Yoga” Tina smirks

    Bette feels herself blush for once and quickly removes her hand clearing her throat

    “Well now. Cinderella is all ready to go to the ball”

    Tina shakes her head

    “No Cinderella has left the ball.  I just want to go home and forget this night”Tina says standing up smoothing out her dress

    Bette awkwardly rubs her neck trying not to stare at the beauty in front of her

    “So what did happen to completely ruin your night if I may ask”

    “Well my date got super drunk at the party we were at and I drove her back to her apartment in her car…Which is just around the corner from your apartment actually.  I ripped the strap of my shoe trying to get her out of the backseat” Tina sighs “I finally get her inside and put her on her bed and she passes out before I can even do anything for her. I threw a blanket over her and left. I have been trying to flag down a damn taxi ever since and that’s when you came to my rescue” Tina says managing a smile

    Bette winks and smiles back

    “Rescuing damsels in distress is my specialty” Bette curtsies

    Tina chuckles “You are as chivalrous as you are funny”

    “And you are as beautiful as you are sweet”

    Tina smiles shyly “So can I take you up on that ride home”

    “Of course. But don’t you want to check on your girlfriend?” Bette asks not entirely sure she should be fishing in forbidden waters but something about this woman was captivating and Bette wanted to know more

    Tina scoffs “She is not my girlfriend. And I won’t be seeing her again. Consider her ghosted” Tina waves her hand nonchalantly.

    “Well in that case. It is New Years Eve and in less than a minute it will be midnight. I know we just met but would it be inappropriate of me If could give you a kiss on the cheek?”

    Tina’s hazel eyes sparkled and a sweet smile found her lips

    “Yes you may” Tina smiles steeping closer to Bette

    At that moment fireworks could be heard in the distance and Bette moved in front of Tina both staring deep into each other’s eyes as if they were saying a thousands words. Bette lightly grazes Tina’s left cheek with her hand while leaning in grazing her lips across Tina’s right cheek to plant a soft kiss.  Bette could feel Tina shiver against her and Bette knew at that moment she was in trouble.

    Present time:

    Bette was startled out of her thoughts by a snap near her ear

    “Earth to Bette?”

    Bette flinches and looks to see Cyrus right in her face

    “Back off cretin” Bette snaps pushing Cyrus away

    Cyrus catches himself from falling and laughs  “Where did you go?. You were totally spaced out”

    “Yeah we have been calling your name forever” Alexis adds…her face showing a look of concern “Are you ok?”

    “Sorry..jet lag..”

    Alexis gives Bette a look wanting to press it further but let’s it go. She grabs Bette’s hand pulling her up out of the chair.  “Well come on we are going out to eat”

    Bette nods and follows her out of the room.

    To Bette, at this moment, the thoughts of the past with Tina were burning like a fire inside her..But the encounter with her last night was as freezing as ice.


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    1. amethyst,

      I’m loving this story. I especially loved reading how Bette & Tina met. Ahh, that instant attraction.

      Tina thinks Bette stabbed her, but she saw something in Bette’s eyes at the club. It will be interesting, to say the least, how she reacts when she finds out the truth about Iris.

      Looking forward to how Bette and her team will take down Rocco. Great chapter.

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