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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Two

    Later that night—Tina and Iris’ apartment

    Iris laid on her side staring at Tina’s rising and falling chest while she slept.  After Tina successfully encountered an unsuspecting Bette at the club the plan was in full motion.  Iris sighs as she takes her eyes off Tina’s beautiful form to lay on her back. Her eyes fixed at the ceiling and hating herself for not telling Tina the truth.  She tried so many times last night to come clean but the fear of her father overtook her and in the end she cowardly stayed silent. She sighed as she closed her eyes and turned onto her side facing away from Tina who immediately opened her eyes to stare up at the ceiling. Her thoughts fixed on seeing Bette at the club and why of all clubs it was the one Iris was so adamant they go to.  Even though she had agreed to go along with the plan she wasn’t prepared to see Bette in that environment.  It was only supposed to be after she received word Bette was at the safe house. She would finally confront Bette after her betrayal 5 years ago

    April 2016—Mercy Hospital——Malibu

    “Mmmmm.” Tina manages to speak the weight of her mouth feeling like a ton of bricks. She desperately tries to open her eyes “Mmmmm”

    “Shhhhhhhh…It’s ok baby..I’m here” the familiar voice sounds in her ear

    “Ma..Ma..Mom” Tina struggles to speak as her eyelids begin to flutter and the light stinging with every blink

    “I’m here..Don’t try to talk ok”

    Tina continued to force her eyes open slowly and they began to adjust to the light as well as  a figure standing over her

    “You have had me so worried honey”

    “Wha…Where…” Tina says struggling to regain the strength in her voice..It was raspy and her throat was very sore

    “Uhmm..Honey please…try not to talk”

    Tina continues to focus her eyes as her mother suddenly came in clear

    “Where…Where am I?”

    “You are in the hospital”

    Tina sighs and tries to speak again

    “Honey… Don’t talk…Just rest” Her mother insisted

    Tina could hear the monitor beat faster in time with her heart. She was growing impatient.  Tina shifted her eyes to her mother

    “Wha…What happened to me?” Tina struggled to ask as her eyes still adjusted to the light in the room and to her surroundings

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    1. amethyst,

      I’m loving this story. I especially loved reading how Bette & Tina met. Ahh, that instant attraction.

      Tina thinks Bette stabbed her, but she saw something in Bette’s eyes at the club. It will be interesting, to say the least, how she reacts when she finds out the truth about Iris.

      Looking forward to how Bette and her team will take down Rocco. Great chapter.

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