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    Forced Conversation

    Bette and Tina give each other cordial smiles for the first time in six years.

    Bette then looks down at her watch. ”Shit, I gotta go….”

    ”Oh, yeah, of course…”

    They both walk toward the door.

    Bette unlocks it and then instinctively holds it open for Tina.

    They both stand there in uncomfortable, awkward silence for a beat.

    Tina blushes a little. ”Oh, you can go ahead or….”

    ”It’s fine….” Bette sheepishly says.

    ”K…” Tina whispers and then steps through the door.

    Bette keeps her distance behind Tina as they walk into the dining area.

    Tina stops and watches as her daughter laughs and talks to Kit and Shane. She puts her hand over her mouth as her tears once again begin to fall.

    Bette slides her hands into her pockets as she also takes in the special moment between Angelica and her aunts.

    Angelica looks up and smiles. ”Bette…”

    Bette smiles when Angelica stands up, skips over to her, and throws her arms around her waist.

    Bette smiles, stoops down, scoops the little girl into her arms, and holds her tightly.

    Everyone, including Tina, wipes their tears as they take in the cute, touching moment.

    Angie looks at Bette and smiles. ”Aunt Kit says there’s a family dinner later this week…will you be there?”

    Bette smiles and nods. ”Yeah, I’ll be there…”

    Angie looks at Tina. ”Mommy, can we go, please?”

    Tina gently nods. ”Yeah, sweetie, we can go….”


    ”Angelica, come over here and finish your ice cream before it melts, baby…” Kit says.

    Angie wiggles out of Bette’s arms. She then looks up and smiles. ”See ya later, Bette….”

    ”See ya later…” Bette gently laughs as she watches Angelica skip back to the table.

    Tina turns and looks at Bette. ”Listen, if you think it’ll be too uncomfortable for your wife, I can just drop Angie off at family dinner. I don’t have to be there….”

    Bette sighs. ”It’ll be uncomfortable at first, but…. like we said earlier, it’s not about the adults anymore. Right?”

    Tina gently smiles. ”Right…”

    ”So, I’ll see you at family dinner…”

    ”See you then….”

    Bette looks at her watch again and groans. ”Fuck…. I’m so late….” She says as she walks away.

    Bette then strolls over to Angie. She stoops down, and Angie throws her arms around her neck.

    Tina laughs through her tears when Angie feeds Bette some of her half-melted ice cream. She purposefully doesn’t approach the table and watches how easily and quickly Bette and Angie have bonded.

    A few minutes later, Bette walks away from the table and heads for the exit, bringing her phone to her ear. ”Hey, baby, I’m on my way……”

    Tina watches Bette until she exits, then walks back to the table.

    ”Hi, Mommy…” Angelica says.

    Tina smiles as she sits down. ”Hey, sweetie…Tina then playfully narrows her eyes at Kit. ”I see your Aunt Kit decided to give you a big cup of ice cream….”

    Kit smirks. ”A lil ice cream ain’t never hurt nobody….”

    Tina giggles and then turns and looks at Shane. ”Hey, Shane…”

    Shane only gives Tina a quick glance. ”Tina…” She icily says. Shane then smiles at Angelica as she softly pinches her cheek. ”See ya later, kid….”

    Tina watches Shane walk away and then drops her head.

    Kit sighs, leans over, and gives Tina a sympathetic smile. ”Hey, you can’t expect to win everybody over within a few days of being back… I’m gonna take for granted you and Bette had a civil conversation?”

    Tina gently smiles and nods. ”We did…”

    ”Then take today’s win, baby doll….” Kit winks at Tina and then kisses Angelica’s head of curls. ”See ya later, baby….” Kit says before she walks away.

    Angie looks up and smiles at Tina. ”Aunt Kit says I’m baby girl Jr….am I?”

    Tina laughs, then picks up a few napkins from the table and wipes her daughter’s sticky face. ”Yeah, baby, you are….”

    Tina watches her daughter color in the picture on The Planet’s children’s menu and contemplates how the adults will navigate this very messy situation going forward…


    1. This is a good first step for both Tina and for Bette. Admit they both screwed up and then take steps to make it right for the children. Agreeing that Bette is Angie’s other mother is huge. I just wonder how Michelle and Dani are going to react to this new situation. Something tells me that neither of the two current love interest are going to be very happy about the exes having any kind of relationship. But as the old saying goes: Never make a mother choose between her child and someone else. The someone else will loose every time.

      Thanks for this chapter. Anxious to see what happens…

    2. Every morning when i wake up, i refresh this site to check if there’s a new update of of this revised version of my favorite tibetter story.

      Yes, Tina, take your win for the day. You’ll win Shane soon!

    3. Such an intriguing story . . . so many paths to explore.
      1. I like Michelle. She knew tat at some point their path would cross with T I N A. I think for her Tina could be called “Joline” from Dolly Parton’s song . . .

      2. I’ wondering if LiL Ange will innocently mention Dani at the upcoming “family” night. Which would b welcomed news for Michelle . . . but prolly not for Bette.

      Oooohh baby this is gonna be interesting!!

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