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    Game Night

    “I’m sorry we didn’t get to watch the documentary.”

    “If you plan on dating me for the rest of your life, we have time.”

    Tina pushed herself off of the door frame. 



    “You didn’t bully me into moving back into our house. This is where I wanted to be in the first place. But I wasn’t sure if you wanted me here.”

    Bette nodded.

    “Why are you nervous?”

    Bette cocked her head.

    “Before Alice, Shane and Dana showed up, you said you were nervous about me staying here. Why are you nervous?”

    Bette cleared her throat. She opened her mouth and didn’t say anything.

    “It’s okay. Maybe you’ll feel like telling me another time. Sweet dreams, Bette.”


    Bette pushed herself off of her side of the door frame. They stayed that way for two heartbeats. Facing each other. Staring into one another’s souls. Breathing each other in. Tina needed to move before she charged. She smiled and took a side step into the hallway. 

    “Because of this.” 

    Bette pulled her back. Tina looked surprised. Before she could say anything, Bette wrapped her arms around her. Tina did not hesitate to hug her back. Tina allowed her hands to run through Bette’s hair. Bette pulled her in closer. She stumbled back onto the door frame. Tina collided into her. Bette squeezed. Tina let a tiny moan escape. Bette scratched down Tina’s back. She stopped her hands from going lower than the place where backs stopped being backs and started benign asses. Bette scratched back up. Repeating this movement several times. Tina pulled Bette’s head into her neck. She felt Bette’s lips near her skin. Bette took a deep breath. Tina rubbed her cheek onto Bette’s. She was driving Bette insane. Bette was driving her insane. Bette took another deep breath. They were cheek to cheek. Tina was still combing her fingers through Bette’s hair.

    Bette wanted to run her hands up Tina’s sides and down her front. She wanted to cup both of her breasts and squeeze and massage until Tina moaned. She wanted to slide her spaghetti strap down and pop one of her perfect breasts into her mouth. She wanted to drop to her knees, put her head under her sundress, pull her panties down and latch on to her clit. She wanted to drape one of her legs over her shoulder and she wanted to suck her clit slowly until Tina pushed her head into her core. Then she wanted to lick up and down her slit from the base to her clit over and over until she felt Tina’s leg begin to shake. And then she wanted to plunge three fingers inside of her and listen to the rhythm of Tina’s wetness gushing with each thrust and the crescendo of her breath and moans rising and falling. 

    Bette squeezed Tina tighter. Then Bette dropped her hands…suddenly. Breathing Tina in, feeling her body on hers, feeling Tina’s hands in her hair and thinking of licking Tina’s folds until she screamed was too much for Bette to handle.

    “Good night, Tina,” Bette whispered.

    Tee, they both thought.

    Tina stopped her movements. She exhaled and took a step back. She slowly looked into Bette’s eyes. She could see the desire and the torment. She knew they had to stop. 

    Tina smiled…slightly.

    “Good night, Bette.”

    Baby, they both thought.

    Bette watched Tina walk down the hall. Tina looked back and blinked because she didn’t know how to wink. Bette winked back.

    “What the fuck was that,” Tina whispered as she entered the guest room. 

    She looked towards the door again. She lifted her head towards the ceiling. Ran her fingers through her hair and blew all of the air out of her lungs. 

    She grabbed her small suitcase and unpacked. She put the Yale sweatshirt and running shorts on the bed. Then she jumped into the shower. When she returned, she noticed a single purple hibiscus on the nightstand next to a glass of water. 

    “Oh, Bette.”

    Tina smelled the flower, took a sip of her water and stared at the open door until she fell asleep.


    1. I love this story as well!

      Leave it to Alice to ruin their first day together at their house but maybe it’s just what they needed, a fun evening.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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