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    Get the Girl—Chapter 2: The Party

    Thank God

    “What?” Holly asked as Robin released her grip on the plastic

    “Holly, I swear that’s all it was…I didn’t mean to cause a misunderstanding” Tina added and shot me a grateful look

    “Oh uh.  Well ok…” Holly turned back to Tina “Sorry” is all she said…What a bitch.. Alyssa grabs her hand and  I think I’m gonna puke.  I still can’t for the life of me figure out what she sees in the Bride of Chucky

    “Thanks Alyssa.  Bette and I will get with you on that real soon ….You and Holly enjoy the rest of the party” Tina says grabbing Robins wrist and grabbing on to my leather covered elbow as we hurried out the room.  No one said anything as we made our way to the front door and out of the house. But I’m thankful Tina got me out of there.  I could feel Alyssa burning a hole in my face the whole time.

    “Jesus that bitch is insane” Robin said shaking her head “Her claws were out ready to slice your face open Tina”

    “Yeah. I know”.  She replies throwing her keys to Robin “Can you give us a few minutes” she looks at Robin pleadingly

    Robin smirks “Sure”

    We watch Robin walk away and turns to me

    “Well that was eventful” I say sarcastically and smile sheepishly

    Tina chuckles

    “Yeah I was almost missing a face” Tina replies and I laugh

    “Well you could have gotten Holly to take you to her plastic surgeon to get a new one”

    Tina laughs and shakes her head “I’d rather have my face clawed off.  Wait……I almost did” she says and we both laugh out loud.  God it feels good to laugh again……With her

    I clear my throat “What happened with Alyssa if you don’t mind me asking”

    “Well….Your ring idea worked.  She told me the story in Chemistry and I even touched the ring”

    I look at her shocked “She let you touch her ring?”

    Tina nods “ Yeah.”

    “Wow…That’s huge…She has never let anyone touch that ring”

    Tina blushed slightly.  “She told me you did”

    Now it was my turn to blush.  I hope she didn’t notice.  It’s dark out here any way but the security light is hitting her face perfectly.  Almost angelic.  What even in the Sam hell am I thinking

    “Yeah I did.  I’m glad she and I weren’t soulmates” I chuckle

    “Yeah she said the same thing”

    We both laugh

    “Did it.  Uh..Did it turn yellow when you touched it”

    She shook her head and I sighed.  I don’t know if I was happy or disappointed.  It’s not like I believe that crap anyway.

    “Well I better get going!” I say feeling vulnerable right now

    “Ok…Thank you for saving me a beating back there.  And College entrance essays?…Genius……You’re my hero” she says over dramatically and I roll my eyes

    “Shut up” I half joke

    She laughs …. Her laugh is so soothing……like a drug

    “Seriously though…..Thank you”

    “Don’t mention it….I’m glad I could help”

    “Me too…I was so shocked you came to the party.  I didn’t think you would come.  I’m glad you did” she says genuinely smiling at me

    Damn Alyssa you are such a stupid idiot.  This girl is so perfect and you would rather sniff plastic

    “Well…I wasn’t actually but something told me to come…..That I would be needed here” I say and shift my stance to my other leg

    “I just really can’t thank you enough.  Really…But Bette?…Before I go can I ask you something?”

    I nod and see her take a deep breathe and let it out

    “Can we meet up and talk tomorrow?”

    “About Alyssa…Sure” I answer quickly and her face lights up…Of course I knew it was about Alyssa.  But for some reason I don’t mind.  I mean I did offer to help and I’m sticking to my word

    “Ok great and….” she says and I cut her off not wanting to hear anymore right now

    “I’ll see you tomorrow…Text me” I say turning to walk alway but stop and  turn back around to face her

    “You look hot by the way.  I  hope Alyssa burned this image into her memory…I know it certainly burned it into mine” I say and turn back around quickly walking off into the darkness…..I don’t look back because if I do I might fall….



    1. Love this story! A great ending to this chapter…I hated to see it end and can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Curious to see how Tina helps mend Bette’s friendship with Alyssa while Bette & Tina discover they are soulmates.

    2. Such a great story! Thank you for explaining some of the questions I asked in the previous chapter!

      I am curious about how Tina is going to mend the friendship between Bette and Alyssa. Why is Bette holding back to connect again with her best friend?

      The ring, maybe Tina and Bette are fighting their feelings at first and for awhile but at the end they are soulmates.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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