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    Get The Girl—Chapter 1: The Ring


    After going through the line Tina and I took our trays and set our eyes on an empty table near the back of the cafeteria.  I noticed her friends she normally sits with stare at her in confusion but she just waved at them as we passed by and said “I’m sitting with Bette today”.  I chuckled a little to myself because they were all looking at her like she had three heads.  I know they are going to mob her later to find out why she is having lunch with me.  It’s entertaining actually as I’m always alone but there is a reason for that and I would rather not get into that right now.

    I did however glance over to where Alyssa was sitting with plastic Barbie and her cheerleading squad and she didn’t look to thrilled to be sitting there.  Hell I wouldn’t either.  I really need to talk to her to find out what the hell is going on but I’m not ready

    “I’ve never sat here before in all my 4 years” Tina says as we sit down at the table.  She looks around

    I laugh.  This girl is too cute

    “Welcome to the dark side Luke” I say as I motion my hand around

    “Why thank you Lord Vader” she replies and we both laugh.

    She seriously makes me laugh.  I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with someone.   Stop it…Focus..You are here to help her get Alyssa right now..Me and my big mouth offering to help.

    “Alright.  So are you ready for your first tip?” I ask sticking strictly to the business at hand. I mean that’s the only reason she is at this table with me..Not for small talk or for my company

    She nods as she opens her milk

    “Her ring”  is all I said and take a bite of my salad

    I glance over at Tina who is staring at me blankly

    “That’s it?”

    I nod not saying anything else

    “Are you serious right now.  Just…Her ring?” She mocks how I said it

    “Yep” I answer popping the p as I gulp down my milk

    She drops her fork and looks at me as I wipe my milkstache off I know I was sporting

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    1. Camz19,

      This story is compelling. Two chapters in and I can’t get enough. I’m loving: Bette & Tina developing these feelings and thoughts of each other; the soulmates ring! (I believe in these things, lol). And then ending this chapter with this part of Bette’s story – wow. “Just maybe…In the process I can help myself.” A great line.

      I love the way you write. So looking forward to more.

    2. Just when I was wondering how Bette was gonna have ANY chance of being Bette’s soulmate after Tina touched the ring given to her for inspection, and the stone glowed yellow, U had Tina do the calculus and realize that Bette had ALSO held the ring.

      Excellent writing!

      Hmmmm the info on the accident that Bette’s diabolical step-dog Dad inflicted that left Bette in what had to be an absolutely terrifying state, was really unexpected turn for me. Burned over 50% of her body??? HORRIFIC and soooo sad . . . I’m thankful that was given psychiatric treatment.

      So was that “he-devil” trying to show his objection to her sexuality? or trying to use Bette as a replacement for his dearly departed wife???

      Anyway, wonder how Alyssa and Tina will respond to Bette’s scarring from the accident.

    3. Your humor is sweet:

      Tina: “Still silence … shit…I’m gonna kill Porter”
      “My ring?” She finally asks surprised.

      “Well it took her long enough to answer but thank goodness she finally did… The KILLING of Porter is temporarily ON HOLD”.

    4. Great story so far!

      I feel so sorry for Bette, a stepfather who wanted her dead, lied about her absence but finally got what he deserved. But people who knew people and that he got what he deserved? I’m concerned that Bette might still be in trouble if it turns out that she’s involved.
      The glimpses of what Bette went through breaks my heart, as painful as it will be to read what happened, I want to know and I want to know what she means by her last comment:

      “My instinct says I can trust her and I also have this overwhelming need to help her get her girl…..And maybe…Just maybe…In the process I can help myself.”

      Help herself in what way???

      Love this story so far!

    5. I want to thank those that have commented so far on this story and for reading…..I really appreciate it

      As for Bette’s story…It will unfold throughout and as for Bibi28’s question. When Bette talks about helping herself in the last line she is talking about healing and moving forward. And no she will not be in trouble in this story. You will find out what happened with her stepfather that also revolves around her mothers death and Bette was not directly responsible for her step fathers death. And nothing of any trouble regarding that will take place. You will find out everything as the story goes along but this is what the following story is focused on.

      1. Bette helping Tina with her crush Alyssa
      2. Tina being instrumental in repairing Alyssa and Bette’s friendship
      3. Tina being emotional support once what happened to Bette is revealed to her. (Hence they grow closer.)
      4. Bette’s feelings growing for Tina and finding it hard to suppress them. Tina dismisses her growing feelings and pull towards Bette because she is so focused on getting her crush Alyssa.

      So there you have it. It’s going to be a bumpy rollercoaster but have faith for the end my Tibetters

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