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    Get The Girl—Chapter 3: Hanging Out


    I was stunned into silence at Bette’s comment as I watched her walk away and disappear into the dark. I stood there for a moment as I tried to gain some clarity because she really made my head spin.  Nobody and I mean nobody has said I was hot before.  Well Robin said it earlier but she doesn’t even count.  She’s my best friend and with her saying it is more of a joke anyway as evidence from us joking around earlier.  I mean that’s what we do…..But to hear someone else say it…Someone like Bette Porter…Well let me tell you the boost it gives my confidence…I just wonder if Alyssa thought the same.  I swore she was checking me out.

    I’m snapped out of my thoughts as I hear Bette’s motorcycle start up and I listened to the sound of it until it faded in the distance.  I remember seeing her on it the first day back at school last month.  Well…. I didn’t know it was her until I saw her take off her helmet.  I had picked Robin up that morning since my parents had given me Mom’s BMW over the summer and we had arrived at school getting out of the car.  Everyone turned when they heard the motorcycle pull up and slowly make its way to the end of the first row and park where the bicycles are usually parked and chained.  When I say all eyes were on her when she killed the engine and got off the bike I’m not kidding.  It wasn’t something that ever happened at Langley High.  Not in the full three years I have been here has anyone ridden up on a motorcycle.  I found it fascinating and my curiosity was piqued as the helmet was removed and long dark beautiful thick locks of hair sprang out of it.  My eyes went wide and I literally heard gasps around us as they apparently realized who it was the same time I did….Bette Porter.

    All of us were transfixed watching her place her helmet down and strap it on the back of the seat.  She grabbed her booksack out of her side saddlebag, threw it over her shoulder and ran her fingers through her hair that fell into place so naturally that it didn’t even look like she was even wearing a helmet at all.  She was dressed in her signature black leather jacket and black pair of tight jeans with the cuffs tucked into her riding boots.  I swear it was too hot at the time to be wearing so much clothing but really not an ounce of skin was showing except her face.  Come to think of it…She never shows skin hardly ever now.  When before she would reveal her toned muscular mocha colored smooth arms and wore shirts that would show off her cleavage.  And of course during P.E she would have her thigh shorts on revealing those equally toned mocha legs…I was so lost in thinking about Bette’s amazing body that I didn’t realize I had made it back to my car and was sitting in the drivers seat until I heard Robins voice

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    1. I love this story, so many secrets and Tina so confused about the connection and attraction she feels toward Bette.

      I can image that Bette isn’t ready to tell what happened to her, my god almost her whole body has been burnt, and we still don’t know what she had to endure more before her stepfather tried to kill her.

      Tina and her crush, it is a crush but she didn’t felt sparks with Alyssa but did with Bette. Why is Bette doing her best to help Tina get Alyssa? Is it because she feels guilty toward Alyssa for giving her the cold shoulder?

      Can’t wait to read the next chapter, hint, i am free this weekend

      • I think Bette’ hesitancy stems from the horrific fiery accident that lest the stench of her own burning flesh, the fire raging b4 her eyes AND the scars left basically everywhere but on her face, neck and perhaps hands.

        We’ve already been told that her skin is painful & sensitive to the touch.

        What beautiful young woman wants to share herself in a physical way after that??? What’s more, I wonder if ‘ol Daddy hadnt tried to sexually assult her and she had to fight off the shame& guilt he undoubtedly would threaten to heap on her.

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