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    Get the Girl—Chapter 2: The Party


    “Are you seriously not going to tell me why you were sitting with Bette Porter at lunch” My annoying best friend Robin Sanders questioned me for the umpteenth time while I sifted through the clothes in my closet.  I grab a black pair of jeans and a red crop top and turn around placing it on my body.

    “How does this look?” I ask totaling ignoring her pestering repetitive questions the last few hours about why I was with Bette today

    Robin scoffs and rolls her eyes plopping down on my bed “You’re frustrating you know that?” She whines

    “Yep.  I could say the same for you. But does this look ok for the party?” I ask turning to look at the mirror

    She sighs knowing I’m not going to give her any information about Bette and nods her head

    “Yeah.  But you look good in anything so it doesn’t matter”

    I scoff “Yeah right” I answer sarcastically

    “Tina you know you’re hot.  If I was gay I would total tap that” she says matter of factly

    I drop my mouth open and turn to look at her in shock…She erupts into a fit of laughter rolling around on my bed

    “Oh my God Tina!…You should see your face right now!” She says laughing and I glare at her.

    “And just when I was going to tell you about Bette you went and ruined it….” I say and watch her suddenly stop laughing and sit up quickly in the bed

    “Really?  You were?” She asks sweetly.

    “No”. I say bluntly and hear her groan as I go into my bathroom to change.  I couldn’t help but smirk

    “You’re a bitch Tina Kennard!” She yells just as I shut the bathroom door

    “I love you!” I yell back at her

    “I don’t love you!” I hear her reply

    I chuckle and shake my head as I get ready for Lance Butler’s party.  He is the captain of the football team. And his parents are super rich.  They always have a party after the home football games.  I know Alyssa will be there with Holly no doubt but after our conversation today I feel more confident thanks to Bette…..She is so different than what I expected.  I’m just so curious as to why she keeps to herself and why she and Alyssa drifted.  They were always together and so close and then Bette just up and left.  Like completely disappeared.  No one knows where she was and why.  I have this overwhelming need to find out.  And I will.

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    1. Love this story! A great ending to this chapter…I hated to see it end and can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Curious to see how Tina helps mend Bette’s friendship with Alyssa while Bette & Tina discover they are soulmates.

    2. Such a great story! Thank you for explaining some of the questions I asked in the previous chapter!

      I am curious about how Tina is going to mend the friendship between Bette and Alyssa. Why is Bette holding back to connect again with her best friend?

      The ring, maybe Tina and Bette are fighting their feelings at first and for awhile but at the end they are soulmates.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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