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    Chapter 1

    Malibu California

    “We’re home”

    The words didn’t mean anything to her right now.  It was all foreign to her and she felt uncomfortable.  Nothing about this place was home to her she thought as she glanced around the room she had entered upon walking through the door.

    “I’ll take your bags to the spare bedroom” she heard never glancing in the direction of the woman who has been nothing but kind to her since she met her a couple of weeks ago.

    She sighs feeling overwhelmed with everything.  She didn’t want to be here.  She wanted to go back to her home where she knew she would feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.  She should have never agreed to come here but she didn’t want to disappoint the woman that has been by her side since she woke up in the hospital. The woman she is supposed to know and supposed to love.  The woman that is supposed to be her fiancé.


    Her name rolling off the woman’s tongue only irritated her now because she didn’t know this woman at all.  A woman she had supposedly fallen in love with and engaged to be married to… But that didn’t seem right..She’s not gay.  She had never thought about women in that way.  She couldn’t deny the woman was beautiful but even if she couldn’t remember her now if she loved her so much then she should remember something or feel something for this woman.  But she just feels nothing.

    “Yes” she answers coldly turning around staring at the brunette who was a complete and total stranger to her.  She hated this.  Hated being here when she didn’t remember this life with the woman whose name was Bette Porter

    “I know this is hard for you but…” Bette began but something snapped in Tina and she wasn’t holding back

    “Hard?..You know what’s fucking hard?!..Having to be forced to come live with you when I don’t remember a god damn thing.  I don’t remember you and I don’t remember us yet here I am because I was told it was for the best!!..But this is all too much for me…I don’t want to be here right now!!..Does anyone care how I fucking feel right now!!..Does anyone care what I want!!”

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    1. What a heartbreaking beginning, you had me in tears for both Bette and Tina.

      I can’t imagine what Bette felt and still feels after she let the love of her life go because Tina didn’t remember anything after her accident. I am glad Bette has such a amazing friend in Alice, a friend who i suppose literally saved her life.

      It’s hard to watch Tina with Eric again, she did have a flashback about Bette proposing to her, it’s something but i imagine this story will be a slow burn before they are back together again.

    2. This chapter was full of angst and yearning. My favorite kind of beginning… let the reunion begin!
      Agree with Bibi this will be a slow burn and I am here for it

    3. OMG this is so good. Love the premise!!!! I feel like the story could have been flushed some more. Feels like we got three chapters in one. I wonder whether that means you will wrap up this one in a few chapters, unlike your other stories?? I love everything you write. Always keep us craving for more.

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