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    Get The Girl—Chapter 5-Bette’s Backstory

    I stop because I’m starting to get a little emotional recalling all of this

    “Bette do you need a minute?” Dr Emily asks and I shake my head

    “No I’m ok if I can continue please” I answer and she nods. I can tell she is listening intently to everything I’m saying

    “So my Mothers health continued to deteriorate over several months until she was hospitalized.  The doctors still didn’t know what was wrong with her.  After 3 weeks in the icu her heart gave out and she died.  She was only 38 years old”

    I couldn’t help it now.  The tears were spilling out and Dr Emily handed me a box of Kleenex that was on her desk

    “Thanks” I replied

    “Bette if this is too much right now we can stop.  You don’t have to continue”

    I shake my head “No I need to get all of this out ok?”

    She nods and I can see the concern on her face

    I wipe my nose with some of the tissue and pull another sheet to dab my eyes

    “So after my Mother died I was stuck living with Curtis.  He would not allow me to go into my Mothers room….Yes she had a separate room because Curtis did not want her in his bed with her vomiting and crying…I guess you wonder why we stayed with him.  Well he threatened us if we left him.  Said because he was Chief of Police that he could make our lives miserable and nobody would believe us because he was well respected.  And it was the truth.  Everyone worshiped the ground he walked on.  Nobody knew how he was behind closed doors”

    I pause for a second and catch my breath

    “Since my Mother was gone and I was a minor, Curtis was granted guardianship and control over my inheritance that was placed in a trust that I would not get until I turn 18.  Curtis had it written up that if anything happened to me everything would go to him.      At this point and months after my Mothers death I was beginning to suspect Curtis was behind my Mothers illness but I couldn’t find any proof until..”

    I took a deep breath and let it out dabbing my eyes with the tear filled tissue I still had in my hands

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    1. Sounds like Mom was poisoned. Wow… So the dear Sherriff Curtis Stone is still around? That’s not good. Since Bette knows the truth, she’s still a target. What if she does not take to his threats? And of course Principal Kirkland knows the truth too. That’s two people who are eye witnesses to Stone’s attempt on Bette’s life. Now the therapist knows. And she could be subpoenaed to tell what she knows. Even though it is hearsay, she has professional experience to know when she is hearing the truth about a situation. So what has happened to the life insurance proceeds? They belong to Bette and it is the fiduciary duty of Stone to maintain those until she reaches 18. He may spend the money only for Bette’s support. But Bette is living with her aunt, not Stone. DFS should have the guardianship removed from Stone and transferred to Bette’s aunt or a court appointed guardian.

      Too bad Bette just didn’t duck down in the seat and hide from Stone and Kirkland when she heard the garage door open. It is possible that Stone would have just gone on into the house and never seen her. Stone would still have been a problem, but Bette would have avoided these burns and pain. Oh well, hind sight is always 20/20.

      So…. now Bette is litterally alone with her secret and recovering from a huge trauma in her life. And Tina is in a catch 22 in that she has Alyssa’s secret and probably needs someone to confide in herself about that. Alyssa needs some counseling in how to get out of her mess…. and that is not going to happen with Tina alone. All of this and its their senior year of high school…. what a mess . And none of these girls can have a reasonably happy life until these messes get straighten out.

      Complexities on top of Complexities….. keep it going… I’m hooked. Good story.

    2. Wow! That was a great chapter, lots going on in this story of your’s. Well done, I enjoyed it and thank you.
      I’m guessing Tina doesn’t trust herself not to spill the beans so shes keeping her distance. Glad Bette’s smart enough to see that its because somethings going on, not because of her.
      And distance seems to make the heart grow fonder, something I think they both are soon to find out.

    3. What a great chapter. I’m glad Bette was able to talk about her trauma to her therapist, although my heart broke for her. as I read it.

      So well-written. I’m enjoying this story, looking forward to the next chapter.

    4. Took me over a week to read this chapter, was in London to visit Laurel Holloman’s exhibition, but so glad Bette finally told her story. Let’s hope she can now really deal with her trauma together with Dr. Emily.

      Kind of strange that Tina is turning away from Bette sinde they went to bowling together and Tina had that conversation with Alyssa.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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