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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Bette’s first thought as she emerged from a deep sleep was whether it was raining, and with this concern she was immediately awake. She sat up, looked around drowsily, then swung her legs out of bed and stretched her neck from side to side with slow, smooth movements as the sound of the small bones crackling echoed through the room. Getting to her feet, Bette walked a small distance to the kitchen and searched in a couple of cabinets until she found a glass. Taking it, she poured cold water out of the faucet and filled the glass. The coolness spread throughout her system as she guzzled the water in big slobbering gulps that left her out of breath. Panting, the brunette put the glass into the sink and wiped her mouth, then turned around and trudged back to the room.

    She searched for her jeans and T-shirt. Stepping into the jeans, she cast a glance out the window and it was all she needed to confirm that it was indeed raining outside.

    ”Hey,” came the hoarse with sleep voice. ”What time is it?”

    Bette turned her head toward the bed where she found a pretty brunette barely covered by a sheet, smiling peacefully at her. ”Seven in the morning,” pulling her shirt on, Bette walked up to the bed and leaned down to give the woman a kiss on the lips. ”I have to go.”

    ”Stay,” the woman whispered, taking a gentle hold of Bette’s hand to stop her from walking away.

    ”Vanessa,” Bette tilted her head to send the woman a pointed look before disengaging her hand.

    The young woman let out a resigned sigh. ”Okay, okay, I’m out of your hair. For now.”

    Bette shook her head, smiling. She put on her hoodie and sneakers.

    ”Will I see you today?”

    ”I don’t think so. I have a day off,” Bette replied.

    ”Well, you could still come to the restaurant to rehearse with us.”

    ”Maybe I will. Thanks for helping me choose the right guitar, by the way.”

    ”You’re welcome. Thanks for what happened after,” Vanessa said in a low seductive voice. ”It was really…really amazing.”

    Bette turned to look at the woman. Her eyes wandered down Vanessa’s face to her full lips, then down her slender neck and lingered on the generous curves of her bosom. Taking a deep breath, Bette raised her eyes to look firmly into the woman’s eyes. ”You’re welcome,” she said and left the small condo.

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    1. Hi Valerie:

      Wow, that was a wonderful chapter, finally, Bette and Tina can see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least the light of hope, after all those years, after all that suffering, now they are two grown-up women, with the freedom of chose their future.

      I’m sorry for Brenda, but Tina can’t hide her feelings for Bette, yes she has to talk to Brenda.

      I’m glad Bette is facing her feelings.

      Thank you so much for this chapter again, and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next one.


    2. Hi, thanks for the another great chapter!

      I must say i like, no, better way i must say i love this Tina (i hope she’ll not change her mind about break-up with Brenda). And i love Bette’s words – ” ”I do,” she whispered, her voice cracking and her throat burning. ”Of course I do. I always have.””

      But i must say i have bad feelings about mysterious woman with blue eyes which Bette bumped in parole office building. I have my guess who it was, and it’s might be not good.

      Ok, waiting for the next update.

    3. Wow, amazing chapter Valerie!

      Bette and Tina took a few steps in the right direction to reconcile. Bette who slowly let her walls down and admitted that she believed in their love, always had.

      Tina knows she must break it of with Brenda, so she is really free to rebuild a future with Bette.

      Hmm, you like to tease us Valerie, the woman with the blue eyes. You must promise to not give us to much drama, i can’t handle it anymore, Bette endured already so much and deserve to rebuild her life in peace.

      • Hi!

        “APOLOGIES – we get MANY spam registrations. While banning the bad requests, some good ones got swept up in the purge, including Western Skies. I have rolled back the site a day so her stories are back. Anything posted in the last day has been over-written. Again…apologies!”

        So, if comments was left after rolled back date – they’re gone.

    4. my comment is missing…

      i remember talking about certain drama would inevitable occurred in the next chapters. at the very least, from Tina’s parent who never like Bette since the beginning. they always think Bette is bad news for Tina (even before they knew that Bette was a criminal). not to mention, if Bette being compare to Brenda, who is a success heart surgery doctor, they would think Tina has out of her mind to let Brenda go over Bette (well….any parent would think the same.. ). Tina has to proof herself to Bette that this time she will fight for their love in front of her parent / family.

      another drama, perhaps from Vanessa. she is young and beautiful, sharing the same passion over music and has managed to seduce Bette to her bed. in the past, Bette always in constant jealous over girls around Tina, I think it’s time for Tina to feel a little insecure over Bette.

      well…that’s my opinion.. :-)

      one mystery about blue eyes girl…there’s only 1 blue eyes girl that has been mentioned in the previous chapter…not sure if it’s the same girl tho.. mystery…mystery… :-)

      anyway.. Valerie, any chance Bette would be famous for her music??

    5. Love your story a lot. I’m sorry for Brenda, she was never the one for Tina and that sucks for her because she’s a decent person but … that’s what it is …Please post soon !

    6. Tina’s parents are going to be livid when they find out she left Brenda for Bette but the heart wants what it wants. Im looking forward to the conversation. You write this strory so realistically. PPS

    7. Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter.I just read this one now. So emotional. I hope Tina’s family won’t mess things up for them this time. I just hope they end well. Please post ASAP.

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