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    Inconceivable Chapter 10

     Angie finally got in contact with Cheryl and learned the family was going up to their vacation home in Big Bear to bunker down until this was over. They were not taking any chances with anyone else getting sick in their family. Angie was lonely, even with Tina and Bette around, she missed her friends. She was having a difficult time.  She was an only child with only adults in her orbit because of the pandemic. Bette and Tina had become increasingly concerned when Angie started wondering around the house late at night reporting that she had trouble sleeping.  The reality was they were all struggling with emotional issues due to the disruption and changes to normal life.  Of Course, they worried about Angie, but they also worried about each other.  They stuck to their promise and kept talking, even in those difficult times when anxiety taxed their coping skills.  When things just got too big, they held on to each other drawing strength from the love they had for each other.   

    Bette took a few steps that put her in front of her makeshift bar. She reached over for her bottle of scotch and poured herself a drink. She had thought things would get easier. When the Stay Home Order started, they thought this would be a great opportunity for family quality time.  At first, they enjoyed the time together, seeing it as an opportunity to make up for the two years that Tina was gone. Bette swirled the ice in her drink walking back to the window as she continued to ruminate about the family’s current situation.  She watched the sun start to dip down below the city. It was dusk. Bette took a slow sip feeling the heat of the scotch as it went down her throat and warmed her from the inside.   As days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, the novelty of being home together day in and day out was gone.  Those tough conversations between Tina and herself, that needed to occur were still welcomed by both.  They continued to be open about their feelings with each other and practiced understanding each other’s point of view.  Nonetheless, at times the conversations got so difficult that a break was needed and there was nowhere to go.  They unintentionally divided the house.  When needing space, Tina had the kitchen and the garden; Bette had the living room and the upstairs.  When the allocated space in the house was not enough, they took long walks, but always communicating.  And then there was Angie.  Power struggles to get her to sit for her zoom classes became a daily chore that exhausted both Tina and Bette, resulting in unnecessary conflicts brought on by the stress of it all. She and Tina had decided to pay for a tutor, but it was still online.  When they initially spoke to Angie, she had agreed to work with the tutor. But that too ended up being a struggle for them all.   


    1. SK,

      Great update. More clues coming to light, but the mystery is still looming over Bette.

      Agree that Covid was/is tough to deal with & feel for all that Angie’s missed because of it. I’m sure Tina will have lots to say to Bette about the plan for her & James’ little trip!!!

      Happy to read that Tibette is still progressing in their reconciliation – never an easy process.

      Wish you luck with your writing. The updates are much appreciated.

      Stay safe & stay cool!

    2. Great chapter, thank you.

      Like Collins says, it’s good that they’re still talking about their problems and gradually moving on.

      The pandemic stole a lot of important moments in a lot of people’s lives, my son graduated as a vet and couldn’t be honored with his peers, so sad…

      Anyway, I’m glad some writers are still posting even if it’s sporadic because while I understand it’s a hobby for most writers, there’s nothing more frustrating than reading great stories that will probably never be finished, so thanks again for posting.

      • Congratulations to your son Izzie. So many milestones not honored, celebrated at a smaller scale. Happened in my little world too with college graduations and a med school celebration cut down in scale. It’s a moment in history that will be studied and analyzed for decades to come.

      So happy to see this update. You are weaving all the strands tighter and tighter, answering some questions, creating some new ones. I love it. Like Collins said anytime I can read about Tibette reconnecting I am ALL IN. We need this content.
      Looking forward to seeing how the mystery is revealed. I know you will have a great ending to this story. Keep writing!

    4. So glad to see a new chapter!

      I was a little busy and had to save it for the weekend but wow it’s still a great story!

      Whenever you have the time to write and post, i will wait patiently!

      It’s is and still can be hard to live with the pandemic . For now i was able to fly to Zakynthos for a vacation and are going by train to London in July for the exhibition from Laurel and meet there some other fans and women i met via Social Media. So i am lucky i can do that but still i am cautious because Covid isn’t away and will flare up again, in the Netherlands the people with Covid infections are increasing again.

      Your story tells exactly what most people feel about the pandemic, being forced to sit at home, taking online classes, not being able to be with your friends, etc.

      It’s great that Bette and Tina are talking quietly and doing everything they can to keep their relationship on the right track and that Angie can see why others say they belong together.

      Uh oh, I think Bette is up for some heavy talking with Tina about her plan to go on a trip because of the painting.

      Thanks again for the update.

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