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    Is this love 14&15

    “I am fine – really hungry “
    “It might only be pot luck but you are welcome to come home with me tonight “

    “Where’s dad?”
    “Gone out with some of his pals – burgers were mentioned – as were beers and probably huge stinking cigars “
    Bette laughed – every time she smelt cigar smoke it reminded her of her father. He only smoked about one cigar a month but the smell always triggered memories of her childhood for Bette
    “Let’s get going “Bette suggested glancing at her watch and wondering what the beautiful blonde who had not been far from the front of her mind was up to at that very moment

    Tina knew most of the things that annoyed her mother about her – as she selected an outfit to wear she rattled off the list under her breath “ You are never on time Tina – you are so pretty but you don’t make enough of yourself Tina, your apartment is a mess and needs the decorators in Tina. You have had the best possible education we could give you and you are wasted in that job Tina. You have so much going for you but you settle for such unsuitable women Tina. You bite your finger nails Tina “
    Tina chuckled to herself as she picked out a pair of boots – well mom – you are about to find out just how slow I can also be when I am trying. Tina had just pulled on her boots when the door bell sounded. She hurried to the door and glanced through the spy hole – yes it was her mom. She counted slowly to ten – her mother sounded the buzzer another twice during that count. For good measure Tina counted to another eight before opening the door
    “Hello mother “
    “Tina “
    Tina showed her in – she was amused to see that Emma was surprised that she had given the apartment a good tidying up. Emma looked at Tina
    “Are you ready?” Emma asked dryly
    “Won’t be a minute “Tina replied stealing a look at the clock on her DVD – it was a 20-minute journey to the gallery. It was now 6:10pm – Tina needed to stall her mother for another 15 minutes. Right – how was she going to do that?
    “Would you like a glass of wine?” Tina asked
    “No thank you “
    Emma was looking around – when it was looked after it really was a lovely apartment.
    “So how have you been? How’s work?”
    “I am fine thank you – work is hectic as usual – how is your job “
    “It’s good – I was able to use some of the legal knowledge that I picked up by osmosis from you and mom today “
    “Really ?”

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    1. Please Tina say yes!

      I really dislike Emma and Jane for constantly let her feel worthless.

      Bette will show Tina how she is so worth to be with a woman like Bette.

      Like the interaction between Bette and James, he could definately write about one Bette Porter!

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Thanks for a very lovely story about beginnings. It is a sweet story of Bette and Tina and finding one another. I love that they are playing their mothers. It’s interesting how fear and self talk impair us in being courageous in taking that step forward for ourselves
      Looking forward to the next chapters! A very good story indeed!

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