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    Is this love 14&15

    “Yes “Tina explained a length – at great length about how she had helped a young man who felt he was the victim of mistaken identity. Tina stretched the story out – she added un-necessary detail as she told her mother.
    “That’s very good Tina – now are you ready for this exhibition?”
    6:17pm – more stalling
    “Won’t be a minute “Tina went into her bedroom. She put on a pair of earrings and added a dab of perfume to her neck – pity this was all cosmetic – it was a shame this wasn’t all for a meeting with the dazzlingly perfect Bette Porter. Tina was self-aware enough to know that she had a crush on the gallery owner – she wanted her and she was fairly sure that Bette was interested in her. Tina just wasn’t sure how interested – Bette did check her out but was she the sort of lesbian who automatically checked out women? Or was she paying extra attention to Tina because she wanted to sleep with her. There was no doubt in Tina’s mind that if she got the slightest offer from Bette, she would take it in an instant. She thought that she would only get one shot at a woman as high class and frankly fucking hot as Bette Porter.
    “Tina – what the hell are you doing in there?”
    Tina glanced at her watch – – 6:25 – if they were lucky there was no way that they were going to be at the gallery before 6:45. Ideally Tina needed to buy another five or ten minutes. Tina emerged
    “I won’t be a minute mother – gee – anyone would think you had a date to go to afterwards “
    “What ?”

    “I said anyone would think you had a hot woman lined up after we have been to the gallery. “Tina paused “Have you a hot woman you haven’t told me about mother?”
    “No of course not “Emma snapped
    “You know what mom” “Tina said seeing a way of winding her mother up and buying a few more minutes of time “It would be fine by me if you did have someone “
    Emma coloured – a warning sign that Tina saw and was amused by
    “I just want you to be happy “Tina said repeating the comment that she had heard numerous times from her mother.
    “Thank you for your permission – I wasn’t sure that I needed any from my daughter – now are we damn well going to this exhibition “
    Tina knew that the art of warfare was knowing when to retreat
    “Certainly – hand me my bag from over there “
    By missing the first two cabs that passed them Tina managed to ensure that they didn’t arrive at the exhibition until 7pm. She got out of the cab first and glanced at the taxi in front of the one she had climbed out of. Bette was standing looking at her. Bette winked and put up her thumb to indicate that another plan of their mother’s had been successful
    “You want lunch tomorrow?” Bette mouthed as she delayed getting into the taxi where obviously her mother already was
    Tina nodded and gestured that she would call her – Bette nodded and giving Tina a beaming grin, she got into the cab. Just as the cab pulled away Emma Kennard got out of the taxi and looked at Tina – her mood had obviously improved
    “I think this is going to be good fun Tina “
    Seeing her – even for a few seconds has made my night in ways you just cannot imagine mom – I am falling for her even though I probably have no chance with her
    Is this love
    Chapter 15
    Tina was aware that her heart was beating a little faster than normal – and it wasn’t because she had been to the gym that morning for the first time in 3 weeks. Her pulse and her senses were on a higher setting today because she was meeting Bette for lunch. The night before she had dreamt about the brunette – it had been the filthiest dream she could ever remember – it had been explicit to a level that even thinking about it now made Tina blush. Going to the gym had been a calculated move – it had enabled her to shower and get changed so she could be extra attentive to her appearance in readiness for her lunch hour with Bette.
    She had brought a newspaper with her so she could look as casual as possible and it would stop her staring at the door of the café waiting for Bette to arrive. She opened the newspaper and found an article about the new Tarantino movie.
    Bette saw the blonde as soon as she walked into the café – she had taken a good deal of ribbing from James about Tina but nothing on earth would stop her from seeing this really fantastic woman. Bette looked at her appreciatively as she removed her jacket and hung it up. Helena had once said that Bette had a PhD in assessing women – and those skills came automatically into play. Bette noticed that Tina’s hair was slightly damp – it hadn’t been raining for once in New York so that meant Tina had either got up late or she’d been to the gym. Bette liked the light blue blouse that Tina was wearing – pity she couldn’t see her bra through it – maybe if she was up close, she could. Bette really had the hots for Tina and she was finding it hard to concentrate she was so busy fantasizing about what she would like to do to her.
    She was also weighing up the possibility of asking Tina if they could see each other. What Bette most feared was that Emma Kennard and her mother would rumble what they were doing and that if they found out it would put an end to the good fun that they were having and it would end the reason for them seeing each other. Bette didn’t want that to happen which was why she was considering asking Tina out – the attraction between them was obvious and maybe it was time for one of them to acknowledge that. And hopefully make the next logical step which was for them to go on and have a date.
    “Hey there “Bette walked across to Tina and smiled
    Tina looked up and smiled at her – there was no way that was not a look of a woman who didn’t want to sleep with her. Bette sat down and raised an eyebrow at the blonde
    “How was your evening?”
    “Very good – what about yours?”
    “Excellent – have you ordered lunch yet?”
    “I was just looking at the menu – – I was at the gym earlier and that just makes me ravenous “
    Bette nodded “I am like that when I have been for a run “
    “You run?” Tina asked
    “I do – it’s one of my obsessions – anyway – lets order lunch – what do you fancy?”
    The way Tina looked at Bette it was impossible to escape that Tina’s real answer was that what she
    fancied the most was one B. Porter. Five minutes passed while they weighed up the menu and debated whether to share a portion of French fries or whether they should just have something light and celebrate another success over their mother’s by having some cake. In the end they agreed on cake and ordered sandwiches. Tina came back to her seat and looked at Bette who was looking very professional in a crisp grey business suit.
    “So, tell me about your evening “Bette said
    “Well mom was so obviously looking for your mom and you – she was looking around and I could see that she was getting annoyed. I asked if she was looking for anyone in particular and she got peeved.
    It was clear that she wasn’t happy about your mom not being there”
    “Mom was dying to get to her phone – she couldn’t get a signal in the taxi and we got stuck in traffic so it must have been close on 8 before we got home and she dashed off to the bathroom and she took her phone “
    “Mom was getting more annoyed as the minutes passed – it was funny “
    Bette laughed “It was a fantastic moment when that cab pulled up and you got out – I was dreading your mom getting out as well. “
    “She insisted on paying the cab driver and she always wrangles with them – god only knows why – she can be really embarrassing – especially when she is in the right but still cringe inducing “
    Bette laughed “How close did we sail?”
    “You got into the taxi and just as you disappeared mom popped out – it was a moment we couldn’t have scripted better “
    They both laughed – what was obvious to both of them was how relaxed they were in each other’s company. Bette smiled at Tina
    “So, do you have any ideas what we can do next to make them suffer?” Tina asked
    “I was just thinking that one of the reasons that your mom is so keen on the two of us is that she’s met me and I turned on the charm – mainly because it’s just what I would do for a friend of my parents. How charming do you think you can be for my mom?”
    Tina smiled “Well “
    They both burst out laughing “I think that I could give it a bash – do you think it’s a good idea?”
    “I think it’s something to do while we think of something else to do “
    Tina nodded “If we do that, we should wait to see what their next move is – we don’t want it to look too suspicious “
    Bette nodded – one of the reasons she was probably going into this with too much enthusiasm was that she loved spending time with Tina and any chance she got she took with both hands.
    They both went silent – Tina was just thinking if she had ever seen a woman up close who was as stunning and she was coming to the conclusion that she hadn’t – Bette was just someone special.
    Tina brought herself out of her reverie and looked at Bette
    “So, tell me about the obsession with running how often do you go out?”
    “Every week a minimum of three times a week “

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    1. Please Tina say yes!

      I really dislike Emma and Jane for constantly let her feel worthless.

      Bette will show Tina how she is so worth to be with a woman like Bette.

      Like the interaction between Bette and James, he could definately write about one Bette Porter!

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Thanks for a very lovely story about beginnings. It is a sweet story of Bette and Tina and finding one another. I love that they are playing their mothers. It’s interesting how fear and self talk impair us in being courageous in taking that step forward for ourselves
      Looking forward to the next chapters! A very good story indeed!

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