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    Is this love 16=18

    “Awful – I looked terrible – but luckily my hair grew back within six months – it broken my mother’s heart every day – poor mom “
    “And now you are making her suffer by pretending that you don’t know who I am “
    Bette smiled “I am a terrible daughter – but it sounds like I was really lucky compared to you “
    “” It could have been worse – my other mom was really easy going and she shielded me from the worst of
    my other mom’s ambitions for me. My mom wanted me to be an intern for the firm during my summer
    vacation before I started college “
    “And what did you do instead?”
    “I worked a series of rubbish jobs around Europe and travelled and slept with hot women who I could barely communicate with – it was fantastic. For the first time in my life I had a freedom from my parents that I just loved “
    “You went mad?”
    “Not crazy mad – I didn’t do drugs or anything but I got drunk a lot on fantastically cheap but strong European lagers and I scored a lot. I just go weak at the knees for a British accent oh and Italian as well”
    Bette laughed “I did an MBA at Oxford – probably around the same time as you were scoring with Europeans and I also love the British accent. I must introduce you to my best friend “
    “She has an ever so posh British accent even though she has lived over here for years – I think you will like Helena. She’s very funny in her own way and is also still quaintly English “
    Tina laughed
    “And Peggy her mother has been a naturalised American for 20 years and her accent is somewhere mid Atlantic – she is also eccentric “
    “Sounds fun “
    “You will like them “
    “Are you close to Helena?”
    “She’s my best friend – has been since college when I walked into the showers and she was going down on another girl I knew “
    Tina laughed “Not the most promising of starts “
    “I was mortified with embarrassment – as you would be and fled. Helena came to my room a couple of hours later to apologise and we just got on really well “
    “No desire to add you to her list of conquests?”
    Bette smiled remembering back “At first there was a hell of a lot of something there. She was and still is a very beautiful woman – tall, long brown hair, great body and fully aware that she did have a great body. But for some reason nothing happened then we reached a point where it was never going to happen – does that make sense?”
    Tina shook her head “This is unreal “
    “My best friend is called Shane “
    Tina nodded
    Tina nodded “Shane could not pass as straight if her life depended on it. My other mom used to say that if there was a dictionary definition of dyke Shane’s picture would be underneath the text. Going to a lesbian club with Shane is an experience – women throw themselves at her feet. Women fight just to be ignored by Shane “
    “And the two of you have never got down and dirty “
    “If its Shane it will be very dirty – no – Shane and I haven’t. I think I might be the only girl Shane hasn’t slept with “


    1. Hola Ally que bien que subiste este capítulo la verdad me encanto quiero ver que pasara después pero tus historias siempre me dejan con ganas de leer más gracias y esperando que subas el otro capitulo pronto

    2. This chapter makes me smile…This is really not their first date…I would consider it their fourth date. Dinner at Paramount, and the two lunches and then this one. Even though the first three were for other purposes, they managed to have plenty of getting to know you conversation. And they had talked on the phone multiple times to set up their plans. Of course it’s all in how you define what a date is.

      These two seem well suited for each other. They are arriving in each other’s lives at exactly the right time – when they are ready to form a permanent and long term relationship.

      I find this story to be absolutely intriguing. I really like it a lot. Can’t wait for more.

    3. Oh, the date! Thanks a lot for posting so soon again.

      They really are good for each other and obviously very compatible in bed as well. I like how open they are with each other about their past, their weaknesses, their likes.
      Their mothers might notice that something happend in the lifes of their daughters. Would they notice that B + T probably are beaming with happiness?
      I’m looking forward to Tina’s first meeting with Bette’s mom. :-)

    4. Lovely story and your depiction of my favorite couple. Looking forward to the scene where the Mothers realize they have been had. Watching them run around in circles is entertaining. Thank you!

    5. I think they should add to the tease by them both telling parents they meet someone .. lol but tell them just that they really think it’s going to go somewhere.. . What would moms do then lol.. ok I like slow burns so in my opinion they went to quick I like te tease and the feelings they were having but just a little slower.. great story line thank you for posting

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