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    is this love = chp 118


    It was after 5pm when Tina arrived back at the hotel. She had driven round the island stopping frequently to walk and take in the sights and to revel in the peace that she found in the natural surroundings. She loved that here the trees where the sky scrapers that dominated the scene. She saw a lot of exotic birds and animals that fascinated her – all in all it had been a good day and she had reached some conclusions. She went to see if Bette was still lying reading but she was missing so Tina went back to their room. As Tina entered their suite Bette came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a huge white towel
    “Well hello there “ Tina said grinning
    “Hey – have you had a good day ?”
    “I have had a very good day – missed you of course but I needed to be alone”
    “We are not affixed at the hips Tina – its fine to spend some time apart”
    Tina walked across to Bette and stroked her wet hair
    “I know it is – I hope that we are secure enough to be able to have separate interests “
    “We do okay – it will be something that we have to get used to when we are living in the same house”
    “Do you want to sit down for a minute ?”
    “Okay – do you mind if I brush my hair – you know what it gets like if I don’t “
    “Sit down – I will brush your hair “
    Bette smiled “That will be nice “
    Bette sat on the edge of the bed, Tina kicked her shoes off and taking Bette’s hair brush she knelt behind her and she started to brush her hair. Bette sighed
    “That is nice”
    “Good “
    After a few minutes of silence Tina spoke “I know that one of the things that worried both of us was me holding down a full time job and working for the MBA at the same time”
    “I know it will not be easy but you know that I would be supportive of you “
    “I know that – you have said so many times that I should do what feels right for me “
    “You should “
    “And one of the things that Kate taught me was to follow my dreams “
    “She was right “
    “What you think if I said that I want to do an MBA regardless of Peggy ? I have savings that Kate left me and I have investments of my own. I could use them to pay for the course. I could even sell the apartment – it would be two years but I have always wanted to go back to school and this would really be good for me “
    Bette turned and looked at Tina – her eyes were alive with enthusiasm.
    “Have you thought about this totally ?”
    “Not totally but we can talk about it cant we ?”
    Bette beamed “I think it’s a really great idea babe”
    “You do ?”
    “Yes – you would get a great degree and it would be a wonderful experience for you. I think it’s a brilliant idea”
    “You don’t think I should get a job as well ?”
    “You don’t need to get a job – as you say you have savings and however much it cost you – it would be worth it in the long run “
    “It would be a huge leap for me “
    “You know that you are more than capable of doing it “
    Tina shook her head “I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as loving and supportive as you – thank you so much for believing in me “
    “Of course I believe in you – you have to know that “
    “I do – thank you again “
    Tina kissed Bette again
    “I know that I can do this “
    “So do I “
    “Turn round or your hair is going to be impossible to manage”
    Bette obeyed and for ten minutes they were both silent as Tina brushed Bette’s hair and Bette enjoyed the feeling. When Bette’s hair was in place Tina threw the brush onto the floor and kissed Bette’s bare shoulder. Bette squirmed
    “Good “
    Encouraged Tina moved her kisses up and down Bette’s shoulder. Working her way up Bette’s shoulder she started to kiss her neck and was rewarded by a moan of encouragement and pleasure from the brunette. Tina rarely needed to be urged to do something for a second time when Bette moaned like that. Tina applied her mouth to Bette’s neck – licking and kissing the soft, sensitive flesh. After a few minutes Tina turned her attentions to the other side of Bette’s neck and kissed and licked at it. As she started again on Bette’s neck Tina’s fingers found the piece of the towel that was holding it in place – she pulled at it and smiled as it fell down and rested around Bette’s waist. Cupping Bette’s breasts Tina went back to lavishing her kisses all over Bette’s neck. With both hands holding Bette’s breasts she started to toy with them – taking a nipple between two fingers and pulling gently at it. As she played with one nipple she massaged the other breast.
    Tina knew that she was driving Bette wild and that was always a huge thing for her – she could never get bored with the magnificence of Bette Porter’s body.
    Encouraged Tina pulled Bette backwards and she fell onto the bed allowing Tina to straddle her and get rid of the towel that was obstructing her view of Bette’s pubic hairs. They started kissing – Tina on top and in control of Bette with her unspoken agreement. They were as strong as one another so if one person was “ in control “ it was usually allowed. The kissing went on and on – both forget all about where they were and what the time was – all that mattered was the pleasure they were getting and giving to their partner. Bette slowly undressed Tina – removing her sun top and bra before Tina briefly climbed off the bed and removed her cool cotton trousers and cast her pants aside as well. Tina got back onto the bed and kissed Bette
    “I know that with you there is nothing I cannot do “
    “That is true “ Bette replied “And what you do – you do extremely well “
    “Why do I think that you are not talking about my job skills”
    “Because I am not “ Bette replied “You know that I believe in you “
    Tina nodded “I do and that should be rewarded “
    Tina straddled Bette again and they continued the unhurried foreplay. Bette was the first one to utter what they both wanted
    “Lets fuck one another “
    They moved so they were lying on their sides. Tina hooked her leg over Bette’s and as she was still trying to get comfortable Bette started to tenderly explore Tina’s inner lips and clit. They were both wet and willing to begin. Tina slipped two fingers into Bette – when she had rested her fingers Bette entered Tina with more force – she knew how Tina liked to be fucked and this was the way. Bette kissed Tina as they began to move simultaneously in and out of one another. They quickly started to move in tune – Bette was fucking Tina hard with the blonde grunting her pleasure as Bette drove her crazy. Tina was gentler with Bette – when Bette wanted it rougher she let her know. Bette was crying out as Tina made love to her, Tina’s sounds were more animal. Bette came first – she threw her head back and screamed with the uncontrollable abandon that her orgasm had produced in her. For a few minutes Bette was unable to speak – sex with the woman you loved really was the best feeling in the world. When Bette had recovered she turned her attentions to Tina who had held her throughout her orgasm and was waiting for Bette to be ready to resume. Bette started moving in and out of Tina – she reached her long fingers deep inside Tina and reached her g-spot and began to stimulate that – that was sure to make Tina scream like Bette just had. Tina’s orgasm came after several more wild and passionate minutes of love making. She let out a yelp and then she cried out Bette’s name when she was able to speak again. Bette kissed Tina on the lips
    “I love you “ she said softly “I love you so much “
    “Oh Bette – God – oh that was – wow – that was great – thank you babe”
    “Anything – you know that – anything for you “
    They kissed again for a few minutes. Bette withdrew her fingers from her partner and kissed them clean “You taste so good “
    Tina opened her eyes and watched Bette licking her fingers. Tina carefully removed her fingers and tasted them
    “Oh babe – you are the best “ Tina said sighing
    “So are you “ Bette replied


    A couple of hours later Bette was waiting for Tina to finish getting ready – they were going to eat in the more formal Coral Grill, so instead of shorts and tee-shirts they were both dressed up for the evening. Bette was lying on their bed reading the NYU Masters brochure that Tina had brought with her. She thought it was an excellent idea for Tina to take 2 years to do her MBA. From a selfish point of view their relationship would benefit from Tina being so happy and challenged and she would not be doing 14-15 hour days working for Peggy followed by a whole evening of classes.
    “How do I look ?” Tina asked emerging from the bathroom. She was wearing a white dress that really showed off her emerging tan and her long blonde hair
    “You look lovely as always”
    “Thank you – what are you reading ?”
    “The NYU brochure “
    “Do you like the look of the full time course ?”
    “It looks good to me “ Bette threw the brochure on the bed and got up “One question “
    “Sure “
    “Why do you not want to do the MA in Cinema Studies instead ?- I would have thought that it was more up your street “
    Tina stared at Bette “Can you read minds ?”
    “No – why ?”
    “Because I would love to do that course “
    “So why not ?”
    “Because the MBA makes me more employable “
    “Can you not combine the two ?”
    “What ?”
    “Yes I can see that the Cinema course is specialist but if you can do credits in both courses that would mean you could get a job that pays well and is in something you love “
    Tina looked at Bette for a few seconds “Lets go and talk about it – if that was possible I would be so happy – do you really think its workable “
    “Lets go to dinner and talk “

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    1. Well, the timing is a bit off from my prediction, but I think the general trajectory matches. With a decision as to the general plan, our two lovebirds can concentrate on each other. This sounds like a wonderful vacation spot. They deserve some alone time. Its an excellent plan – getting her MBA.

      Thanks for this new chapter…

    2. Sweet chapter.

      Seems like Tina has made up her mind about Peggy – as in not working for her.

      Sounds like the masters programs will be good for Tina & allow her to determine her own career course.

      Glad they were able to reconnect & love each other.

      Thanks so much.

    3. Kinda glad Tina is not working for Peggy. She and Bette were becoming too enmeshed in all that, Bette’s BF, Peggy dating Emma… all of those relationships swirling around her place of employment does not bode well and already shows that she had to spend a day away from Bette on their vacation to get her head right. Plus I kinda like the idea of Tina accomplishing the Masters degree on her own, using her own money and dedicating her time to her relationship and her career. What a great direction to take.

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