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    is this love = chp 118

    “Get changed and find some space under a cabana and read – I so rarely do nothing that just for once it will be a nice change for me. Tomorrow we have that mountain biking thing “
    “I am looking forward to that – it will be good to kick your butt “
    Bette raised an eyebrow “Pardon ? I didn’t catch that “
    “I will be riding you into the ground Porter “
    Challenging Bette’s natural competitive nature was always something that worked.
    “I wasn’t aware that it was a race “
    “Its not – but its over 14 kms”
    “Your point ?”
    “Well it might be too much for you – you are over 30 remember “
    Bette chuckled “I am not biting Kennard “
    “Really ?”
    “No – not biting at all “
    “Damn “
    “Go away “ Bette said laughing. Tina touched Bette’s face and kissed her
    “I am so lucky to have you “
    “I know you are “ Bette replied.
    They kissed again – Tina stroked Bette’s neck “I need to figure this out and I will”
    “I know you will. I have said it a thousand times but its got fuck all to do with Helena and Emma and it was wrong of them to interfere”
    “Thank you – you really are the only person who lets me make my own decisions – no one else has – parents and exes have always tried to control me”
    “You have to follow your own voice Tina. One of the reasons I am so proud of my folks is that they always taught me that – you always have to make your own decisions. You can ask people what they think but we all have such different life experiences that we cannot make decisions for other people. As much as I love you – I hope that I will never try and tell you what to do “
    “Unless you think that I should remove certain items of clothing and do certain things to your body “
    Bette grinned “Suggestions – that’s all they are “
    Tina sat on Bette’s knees and kissed her again – the kiss was long and full of meaning. When Tina ended the kiss she got up
    “I will take my phone and keep in touch with you okay ?”
    “Thanks “
    Tina stroked Bette’s hair before going back into their room to get her gear together. Just as she was leaving Bette came in to pick up her book and head off to find herself a comfortable location to spend the day being lazy.

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    1. Well, the timing is a bit off from my prediction, but I think the general trajectory matches. With a decision as to the general plan, our two lovebirds can concentrate on each other. This sounds like a wonderful vacation spot. They deserve some alone time. Its an excellent plan – getting her MBA.

      Thanks for this new chapter…

    2. Sweet chapter.

      Seems like Tina has made up her mind about Peggy – as in not working for her.

      Sounds like the masters programs will be good for Tina & allow her to determine her own career course.

      Glad they were able to reconnect & love each other.

      Thanks so much.

    3. Kinda glad Tina is not working for Peggy. She and Bette were becoming too enmeshed in all that, Bette’s BF, Peggy dating Emma… all of those relationships swirling around her place of employment does not bode well and already shows that she had to spend a day away from Bette on their vacation to get her head right. Plus I kinda like the idea of Tina accomplishing the Masters degree on her own, using her own money and dedicating her time to her relationship and her career. What a great direction to take.

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