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    is this love chp 120


    CHAPTER 120

    Bette watched appreciatively as Tina moved around their hotel bedroom. Three weeks in the sun had given her a very nice tan. Her usual pale skin was now a light brown shade that gave her almost the same colouring as her girlfriend. They had even done some topless sunbathing when they had found a secluded cove on a couple of days travelling around the island. Bette had not been as free as Tina which was why Bette was admiring the lack of a bikini top outline spoiling the blonde’s tan. It was only when she turned around and Bette saw Tina’s pale white ass that she smiled at the contrast.
    “Are you getting up or not ?”
    “Not when the view is as good as it is from this bed “
    Tina turned after closing her suitcase
    “I could feel you watching me “
    “You shouldn’t be so hot naked – hardly my fault as a hot blooded lesbian”
    Tina stood and looked at Bette who was not looking too far off sizzling herself. She was naked and just a cotton sheet was covering her lower half but Tina had a lovely view of Bette’s breasts.
    “A hot blooded INSATIABLE lesbian “
    Bette held up her hands “I never claimed to be a virgin “
    “You couldn’t claim to be a virgin “
    Bette laughed and looked at Tina more pensively “ Its been good to be alone with you “
    Tina returned to the bed to sit down and touch Bette’s face “Its been very special – thank you for your patience – I seem to say that a lot “
    “If its your problem – its mine as well. I want you to do what is right for you”
    “This combined Masters is the right thing for me for both of us “
    “And so is moving in together “
    “Absolutely – this is the right time for us – this all feels right “
    It was a long flight back to LA and when they got back it was 2am. Bette told the taxi driver they had booked in advance to take them to Bette’s place, by the time they reached the house that was soon to be their jointed home Tina was almost asleep on her feet so Bette got the luggage inside, locked the doors and they dragged one another upstairs and collapsed into bed for a long sleep. Bette woke up at 3pm, beside her Tina was still dead to the world. Easing out of bed Bette crept out of the room and looked around.
    While they had been away Bette had arranged for builders to come in and convert one of the empty rooms on the top of the house into a home office for Tina. Her mom and dad had emptied the room and come round every morning to let the builders in. Bette had received one email from her dad with the message
    “The office has landed “. Bette couldn’t wait to see the reality of her carefully drawn up plans and how Tina would react to what Bette had done as a “home-warming” gift for her.
    Five minutes later Bette was down in the kitchen making some coffee with a satisfied smile on her face. The office was everything that she had wanted it to be and there was no way that Tina would not be thrilled at what Bette had done.
    Tina was just starting to wake up when Bette came into the room.
    “How you feeling ?”
    “I will tell you when I wake up “
    “Coffee ?”
    “Oh yes – – oh thanks – how do you feel ?”
    “Like I need some food, a hot bath, more food and an early night”
    Tina considered this plan as she inhaled the coffee smell
    “That is a really good idea – oh this coffee smells so good “
    Bette climbed back into bed – it was late October in New York after all and starting to get cold.
    “What’s the weather like outside ?” Tina asked
    “Planning to go for a run ?”
    “No – but we might need milk and beer and some fresh vegetables “
    “All of that apart from the beer is in the fridge thanks to my parents “
    “Thank heavens for your mom and dad. I do love them to bits you know Bette”
    “I know – and they feel the same way about you. It’s a bit like when I told mom that I liked girls. I think she was more relieved that I was interested in anything other than books “
    Tina smiled “I love listening to your mom talking about what you were like. Studious and quiet – you sound so lovely “
    “I wasn’t exactly a rebel that’s true – I was happy hiding in my books – its just the way I was “
    “And when did you find out that girls were more fun than books ?”
    “When I was about 17-18 – that’s when girls started to distract me from books and my studies”
    “I went crazy when I went to University – I was surrounded by girls and it was like my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once. Plus it made a difference to get away from my moms”
    “I hope there will be more studying than watching girls when you start school a second time Ms Kennard “
    “I don’t know – there might be some real hotties “
    Bette stuck out her tongue making Tina laugh. She stopped laughing and looked serious
    “You do trust me right ?”
    “Yes “
    “Sure – because I swear that you have nothing to worry about. There is no woman alive who can make me look at her the way I look at you. I know that you are the rest of my life Bette Porter “
    Bette didn’t need to hear Tina making vows like that but it was nice when she did. Bette kissed Tina “I trust you – that’s not in question”
    “I know that your exes have let you down in the past – I am not like that – I believe in monogamy and I believe in what we have “
    Bette sighed – that was her biggest fear. Well it used to be her biggest fear but for some reason it hadn’t been an issue with Tina.
    “Maybe it should have told me early on that you were different but I have never not trusted you”
    “Taking me for granted ?” Tina said joking
    “Well you are pretty ugly “ Bette said
    Tina raised one eyebrow “When I have the strength you are so going to pay for that Bette Porter”
    Bette laughed – she was fairly certain that the home office would give her enough kudos to allow her to say pretty much whatever she wanted – not that she did – she just really loved teasing Tina.
    “Would you like me to remind you that you owe me a beating ?”
    “Please “ Tina said yawning “ I am so tired “
    “Why don’t you go back to sleep ?”
    “No – if I sleep any more there is no way I will sleep tonight “
    “I know a lot of ways of relaxing you “
    “Yes “ Tina said dryly “I know that – lets have a shower and we can think about food – I am hungry”
    Bette kissed Tina and sat back enjoying her coffee and looking forward to finding the right moment to unveil her surprise for the anything but ugly blonde.
    Bette was sitting on the sofa looking through her mail when the doorbell sounded.
    “I’ll get it “
    Tina was in the kitchen brewing another pot of industrial strength coffee. She hurried to the front door and found Rosemary standing on the step
    “Hello Rosemary – come in – boy its cold out there”
    “Well it would feel colder if you have been used to the West Indies for three weeks – how was your holiday darling ?”
    “It was fantastic”
    “You look really well – very tanned “
    “Thank you “
    Tina closed the door and gestured to the sitting room after they had hugged
    “Bette is in there – I am just making some coffee – would you like some ?”
    “Oh yes please Tina “
    Tina went back to the kitchen – Rosemary went into the sitting room and found Bette sitting reading her mail. She looked very relaxed in jeans and a warm black shirt – she was wearing huge thick hiking socks . it was a sure fire way to decide when summer had gone – Bette went from flip flops to thick hiking socks for her feet.
    “Mom “
    Bette got up and they hugged
    “What do you think of it ?” Rosemary asked
    “Mom – its wonderful “
    “Has she ?”
    “Not yet – we are both groggy – I will show her soon – do you like it ?”
    “Its lovely Bette – such a sweet thing for you to do for her “
    “I want her to feel welcome and to know that this is her home “
    “I am sure she will – and she knows how much you love her “
    “I do – has anything happened while we have been away ? “
    “Well that is what I have come over to talk to you both about “
    “Tina got an email from her mom saying that she should still take the job “

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    1. I so ‘enjoy’ it when Bette is being awesome!

      Absolutely loved the interaction with Rosemary and look forward to our further journey through this delightful story.

      Thanks Ally your daily posts May isolation easier.

    2. If that doesn’t show Bette’s commitment and love For Tina, what does?! Bette is truly amazing!

      Good talk with Rosemary and Melvin telling Emma off, fantastic!

      Truly love this story!

    3. Nice gift for Tina…a place to study and keep her course work. It is a nice in that this area is away from the rest of the house and its distractions. Truly an awesome gift from Bette.

      Rosemary and Melvin are going to be the perfect in-laws for Tina. They are almost as much in love with her as their daughter is.

      Sounded like a great vacation. Actually it was perfect timing. A vacation just before major changes in your life is traditional. Tina is changing her life and so is Bette. Even though things may not seem smooth, as long as Bette and Tina agree on the path forward, life will work for them. Love their interaction. Tina may have been the luckiest people on earth that Bette found her. Love this couple…

      Thanks for the update…

    4. Love this story and I love how caring Bette is. She is so in love with Tina. Perfect way to show her support for Tina’s decision. I enjoy any time Rosemary is in the story. What a contrast from the other mothers. Plus Melvin is a real character. Really like Bette’s parents. Still wondering how Helena has managed to become part of the coven trying to control Tina. I am sure she feels bad but of all people Helena should know not to ask someone to interfere. Can’t believe Emma, Peggy, and even Helena brought Rosemary and Melvin into it. Good for Melvin calling Emma a bully. This is her issue to work through with Peggy but she impulsively confronted her with Tina able to hear and cannot unring that bell. Interesting that they are now trying to ‘whitewash’ what happened. Perhaps because Emma and Peggy are the same side of a bad penny and both come from a world of manipulation and trickery. Might work for them in their chosen fields but not their personal lives and certainly not with Tina. Tina has made the decision she feels is right for her future and for her relationship with Bette. Good for Tina. Maybe one day she will work for the Peabody Foundation. But not now. I do hope Tina lets it drop without confronting Peggy. No need to burn bridges. Not taking the job is statement enough.

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