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    is this love chp 120

    Bette was glad that her mom was the first person they told. She was utterly in favour of what they had discussed and she was pretty clued in as to what it would all cost and the chances of Tina being accepted. She thought that if Tina could provide the funding – even if the course was “officially “ full – she would get her place. Rosemary’s enthusiasm really boosted Tina and helped reinforce that what she was doing was the right thing for her. When Bette went to go to the bathroom Tina lent forward and spoke to Rosemary
    “Do you think that this is right for Bette and I ?”
    “Of course – Bette just wants you to succeed – she will help you in any way that she can”
    Rosemary smiled to herself as she thought about the home office at the top of the house – that was Bette putting a lot of hard cash down to back up her faith in Tina. It was so typical of how much Bette loved Tina – Rosemary knew that Bette would never have done that for any of her other girlfriends – Tina was different – Tina was destined to stay.
    “It just seems that its fate Rosemary. I would have loved the money and the prestige but it wouldn’t have been fair on Bette “
    “Bette would support you if you decided to take up a job working in the snake house at the zoo. She cares that you are happy and challenged “
    “You have an amazing daughter Rosemary”
    “I think that as well – we might be biased “
    “We are “
    “When are you planning to move into the house ?”
    “Well it was going to be squeeze to get everything over by Christmas but with me having time on my hands it looks like I could be in with Bette whenever she wants me”
    “She wants you in now “
    Tina smiled “ It feels right”
    “If its right for both of you then you should do it”
    “I think the course will mean we can spend more time together than we could have if I was working full time and doing the course “
    Rosemary smiled – it made her happier than she could articulate that finally Bette had found a partner who was as committed to Bette and their relationship as Bette had been in the past to less than deserving girlfriends.
    When Rosemary had gone Bette decided that it was time to show Tina the gift she had created for her. Bette dropped the lock on the door and turned to the blonde
    “I have something for you “
    “Really ? what ?”
    “Come on “
    Bette took Tina by the hand and led her upstairs.
    “I know what you are up to Porter “
    “No you don’t – not this time “
    “I bet I do”
    “Oh trust me Kennard – you don’t “
    Bette lead Tina up the second staircase – she could see by the look on Tina’s face that this had her confused. Bette reached the door of what was their new home office. She looked at Tina
    “This is mainly for you – I want you to do well in your studies and I hope this is a big help to you in the next 18 months “

    Bette flung open the door and Tina saw for the first time the office that Bette had created. There was a desk in front of the window with trays for paper and places to plug in computers and printers. The two walls on either side had been turned into huge bookshelves made of a light coloured wood. The colour scheme of the room was white and grey – all in all it looked the most ideal place to write essays and study – the room was light and spacious without being too big. Bette was delighted that the company she had hired to do the job had made something so close to her plans.
    Tina looked at Bette in awe – she walked into the room and looked around
    “There are ports under the desk for your computer and printer – the lighting is designed so you can dim all the lights bar the ones that are directly above your desk. I hope you like it”
    Tina looked at Bette – tears were streaming down her face
    “I don’t know what to say “
    “You could tell me that you like it “
    “I love it – its just awesome “
    “I want you to feel that this is your home “
    Tina broke down in tears, Bette took hold of her and held her tight. She didn’t need to know that Tina was delighted – she could feel in the emotion that was pouring out of the blonde. After several minutes Tina eased away from Bette and touched her face
    “Thank you “
    “For you there is nothing I wouldn’t do – I love you Tina

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    1. I so ‘enjoy’ it when Bette is being awesome!

      Absolutely loved the interaction with Rosemary and look forward to our further journey through this delightful story.

      Thanks Ally your daily posts May isolation easier.

    2. If that doesn’t show Bette’s commitment and love For Tina, what does?! Bette is truly amazing!

      Good talk with Rosemary and Melvin telling Emma off, fantastic!

      Truly love this story!

    3. Nice gift for Tina…a place to study and keep her course work. It is a nice in that this area is away from the rest of the house and its distractions. Truly an awesome gift from Bette.

      Rosemary and Melvin are going to be the perfect in-laws for Tina. They are almost as much in love with her as their daughter is.

      Sounded like a great vacation. Actually it was perfect timing. A vacation just before major changes in your life is traditional. Tina is changing her life and so is Bette. Even though things may not seem smooth, as long as Bette and Tina agree on the path forward, life will work for them. Love their interaction. Tina may have been the luckiest people on earth that Bette found her. Love this couple…

      Thanks for the update…

    4. Love this story and I love how caring Bette is. She is so in love with Tina. Perfect way to show her support for Tina’s decision. I enjoy any time Rosemary is in the story. What a contrast from the other mothers. Plus Melvin is a real character. Really like Bette’s parents. Still wondering how Helena has managed to become part of the coven trying to control Tina. I am sure she feels bad but of all people Helena should know not to ask someone to interfere. Can’t believe Emma, Peggy, and even Helena brought Rosemary and Melvin into it. Good for Melvin calling Emma a bully. This is her issue to work through with Peggy but she impulsively confronted her with Tina able to hear and cannot unring that bell. Interesting that they are now trying to ‘whitewash’ what happened. Perhaps because Emma and Peggy are the same side of a bad penny and both come from a world of manipulation and trickery. Might work for them in their chosen fields but not their personal lives and certainly not with Tina. Tina has made the decision she feels is right for her future and for her relationship with Bette. Good for Tina. Maybe one day she will work for the Peabody Foundation. But not now. I do hope Tina lets it drop without confronting Peggy. No need to burn bridges. Not taking the job is statement enough.

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