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    is this love chp 120

    Rosemary frowned “Yes I know about that “
    “Hello again “
    Tina came in carrying a tray with three coffee cups on – there was also a plate of cookies.
    Tina sat down beside Bette and the brunette put her arm around her shoulder. Rosemary smiled – they looked like they had really had a good time. It was no more than they deserved – they really had found something special when they had found one another.
    “You two look like you have had the best time”
    “It was the best time “ Bette agreed
    “It was lovely Rosemary – such a different pace of life – get Melvin to take you there”
    “I will see what I can do – that hotel looked lovely in the pictures you sent us Bette”
    “It was as good as it looked”
    “Well the two of you certainly looked relaxed – I do feel a little guilty bringing you back to reality “
    “Its okay Rosemary “ Tina said smiling
    “What’s up mom ?”
    “While the two of you were away we have been lobbied by Emma and Helena and Peggy – separately to try and talk you Tina into not resigning from the Peabody Foundation”
    “They are wasting their time “ Tina said
    “What have they said mom ?”
    “Well Emma is feeling guilty that Tina is going to resign because of a spat that she considers to be between Peggy, Helena and her. Helena feels that Tina is getting dragged into a fight that is between her and her mom and Peggy just doesn’t want to lose you and is upset that you found out what she had done “
    Tina sighed “I don’t want my mom to drag you two into this Rosemary “
    “Well we have been “
    “What do you make of it mom ?”
    “Well I was appalled when you told me what had happened Bette and since then we have heard other interpretations of events from the others and as much as they want to whitewash things they cannot take away from the fact that what Peggy did was shocking.”
    “Is my mother trying to excuse what Peggy did ?”
    “That is what it sounded like to Melvin when Emma cornered him at some law society thing a couple of weeks ago. He is shocked at what Peggy did – but as you know Bette – she has form for pulling stunts like that directed at Helena’s girlfriends. From what Melvin gathered from Emma she in adamant that what happened has got nothing to do with Tina and she shouldn’t suffer which she will because without the job offer she has no college course and no job “
    Bette squeezed Tina’s shoulder – this could lead to a Tina tantrum at the worst and a rant at the least.
    “I am a grown woman “ Tina said “ I will do what is best for me and for the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. What I will no longer do is be treated like a small child – a small and rather slow child who cannot be trusted to make decisions. I am sorry that you and Melvin have been dragged into this “
    “Its not your fault darling”
    “What did you say to Emma – what did dad say to Emma ?”
    “Your father had been drinking brandy when he was assailed by Emma – words were exchanged – your father said something on the lines that Emma had been a bossy so and so at college and all that had happened in the intervening years was that she had widen her range of people she liked to bully “
    “Ouch “ Bette said knowing that her normally placid dad had been known to tell people some harsh facts when he had been drinking brandy .
    “Mom is a bully “ Tina said“ She hides it and I do think that for the most part she does it for what she thinks is all the right reasons – but she is – she is a border line bully “
    “I take it you were not as forthright “ Bette said to her mother
    “I have told all three of them the same thing – that its is not their decision to make. If Tina doesn’t want to work for Peggy then its her call “
    “Thank you Rosemary “
    “Thanks mom “
    “It’s a shame – I was hoping that maybe when you went back to school it might encourage my daughter to think about doing the same “
    Tina looked up at Bette and they nodded
    “Well actually we have been talking and with Bette’s love and support – I am going back to college – full time in January with any luck “
    Rosemary’s beaming smile was genuine “Darling that is the best news – tell me all about it – what is the course ? how are you going to manage -tell me everything “

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    1. I so ‘enjoy’ it when Bette is being awesome!

      Absolutely loved the interaction with Rosemary and look forward to our further journey through this delightful story.

      Thanks Ally your daily posts May isolation easier.

    2. If that doesn’t show Bette’s commitment and love For Tina, what does?! Bette is truly amazing!

      Good talk with Rosemary and Melvin telling Emma off, fantastic!

      Truly love this story!

    3. Nice gift for Tina…a place to study and keep her course work. It is a nice in that this area is away from the rest of the house and its distractions. Truly an awesome gift from Bette.

      Rosemary and Melvin are going to be the perfect in-laws for Tina. They are almost as much in love with her as their daughter is.

      Sounded like a great vacation. Actually it was perfect timing. A vacation just before major changes in your life is traditional. Tina is changing her life and so is Bette. Even though things may not seem smooth, as long as Bette and Tina agree on the path forward, life will work for them. Love their interaction. Tina may have been the luckiest people on earth that Bette found her. Love this couple…

      Thanks for the update…

    4. Love this story and I love how caring Bette is. She is so in love with Tina. Perfect way to show her support for Tina’s decision. I enjoy any time Rosemary is in the story. What a contrast from the other mothers. Plus Melvin is a real character. Really like Bette’s parents. Still wondering how Helena has managed to become part of the coven trying to control Tina. I am sure she feels bad but of all people Helena should know not to ask someone to interfere. Can’t believe Emma, Peggy, and even Helena brought Rosemary and Melvin into it. Good for Melvin calling Emma a bully. This is her issue to work through with Peggy but she impulsively confronted her with Tina able to hear and cannot unring that bell. Interesting that they are now trying to ‘whitewash’ what happened. Perhaps because Emma and Peggy are the same side of a bad penny and both come from a world of manipulation and trickery. Might work for them in their chosen fields but not their personal lives and certainly not with Tina. Tina has made the decision she feels is right for her future and for her relationship with Bette. Good for Tina. Maybe one day she will work for the Peabody Foundation. But not now. I do hope Tina lets it drop without confronting Peggy. No need to burn bridges. Not taking the job is statement enough.

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