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    Is this love chp 53&54


    Chapter 53

    Tina let herself into her apartment – it was Sunday morning and she was buzzing with happiness. The night before they had been to see a really good movie followed by dinner and they had ended up in a lesbian bar playing pool and drinking beer. Then when they had arrived back at Tina’s apartment they had indulged in the most wonderful wild sex before falling into a blissful sleep. Tina had woken up early with a thirst and was so happy with her life and the wonderful part that Bette Porter played in it. While Bette slept Tina had got up – taken a quick shower and went out to get the Sunday papers. The newspapers were a ritual with Bette when they stayed at Bette’s house so Tina thought that the least she could do for Bette was get Bette’s favourite newspapers and make some coffee. Normally they would be staying in bed all day but they had been invited to have Sunday lunch at Bette’s parents and Tina was looking forward to that. Tina started the coffee machine and while it was chugging away she went back into her bedroom. Bette was just beginning to wake up.
    “Hey sexy “
    Bette took a few seconds to focus on the speaker and smiled wearily.
    “Ugh – hey there – you okay ?”
    Tina walked across to Bette and kissed her on the mouth
    “I am fantastic thanks to you – here you are “
    Tina dropped the newspapers on the bed – Bette smiled
    “The New York Times ! “
    “Yes and the other two you read and Total Film for me – my finest Columbian coffee should be ready in five minutes and I will be joining you in bed – there is orange juice in the fridge and I can rustle up anything you want to eat really quick “
    Bette pulled herself up in bed and looked at Tina who was wearing faded jeans and a thick grey shirt – with her long blonde hair in a pony tail she looked about 19. She grinned
    “You and I are really well suited aren’t we ?”
    Tina nodded and pulled off the shirt to reveal her naked chest “Sure are – you sure you don’t want anything to eat ?”
    “Maybe later – you, the papers and coffee are my needs at the moment “
    Tina kicked off her boots and removed her jeans so she was now naked. She looked at Bette who was looking at her
    “Was that in any particular order of preference ?”
    “You are my number one at all times “ Bette replied
    “You are so full of bullshit Porter – I like it – won’t be a minute with the coffee “
    By the time Tina came back Bette was sitting up reading the news section of the NY Times. Tina put Bette’s coffee on the bedside table next to her and returned to bed and pumped up her pillows. Bette looked at her
    “Thanks “
    “You always take the best care of me when we are at your place – it’s the least I can do “
    “Thanks all the same “ Bette kissed Tina on the mouth and touched her face “This is a wonderful treat for me “
    “What – having a woman go and get the papers ?”
    Bette nodded “Its really kind of you Ti “
    Tina had suspected that while Bette was the very definition of kindness there hadn’t been many women who had treated Bette as she treated them. She made a vow to repay Bette with the same compassion she displayed so generously. Tina kissed Bette and picked out her magazine
    “What time are we expected at your folks ?” Tina asked looking at the front cover of the magazine with her usual excitement that she reserved for reading about new movies.
    “Its 20 minutes walk – you want to walk or get a cab ?”
    “Walk – it’s a nice day “
    “Great – we’ll take a cab back – your place or mine for tonight ?”
    “I don’t mind “ Tina opened her magazine and was soon lost in reading and drinking coffee.

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    1. Wonderful Sunday morning. And lunch with the Porters is an opportunity for Tina to get know Bette’s parents better. Doing the dishes with Melvin is a great opportunity for Tina to get to know him. He is obviously a very important person in Bette’s life and has played a major role in shaping who she is. And to engage in conversation in such a casual activity can only be a benefit for both in forming their new family.

      Rosemary may be the key to formulating a reasonable relationship between Emma and Bette. She also may be a good resource for Tina as well. Perhaps Rosemary can get to Emma and help her understand how Tina is reacting to Emma’s comments. How would Emma feel if Tina was saying those type of things to her? How would she feel if she was indicating that she was lazy, overly ambitious on her career, completely inept in her personal life, lacked empathy for those who had less resources and opportunities, and incapable of showing love or appreciation for the positive things in life?

      We know very little about Emma. We know that she does not know how to conduct a reasonable relationship with her adult daughter and that she misses her life partner Kate. We know she and the elder Porters seem to have a very good and close friendship. But from what we do know, Emma either has to make some changes in her approach to Tina or she will lose the relationship with Tina and certainly any potential relationship with Bette. And if there is problems with Bette and Tina, then Rosemary and Melvin will curtail their relationship with Emma as well. Then all Emma will have is her job. Emma has to have a break through moment or she will not be a part of Tina’s life.

      I really like this story…thank you for this and all the other stories you have written. Waiting for the next chapter(s).

    2. Wonderful chapter!

      I agree 💯 with Martha’s comment!

      I really hope that Rosemary talks with Emma and let her know she is in danger of losing Tina with how she handle and talk to Tina.

      I really love this story and all the others you wrote!

    3. I’d like to add my voice to Martha and Bibi!

      Loving these characters and this story and very happy to have you back storytelling.

      Emma really has to watch how she treats our girls or she will be ploughing a very lonely furrow.

      Thanks for posting PPS

    4. I loved this chapter mom and Dad Porters for lunch is great.. more of getting to know each other with out the stress of Emma’s stares and sour pussy face. Hope what ever trip she went on she had that stick pull out.. lol. Thank you. Waiting for more.. enjoy your time off.

    5. Thanks for this nice Sunday dinner. I like how relaxed Tina can be with Bette’s parents. The scene with her and Melvin doing the dishes felt so natural like they’re use to share this chore for years already.

      Looking forward to see how Tina will take care of Bette, spoil her and do nice things for her. The Sunday Papers were a very nice and thoughtful touch. Doing small things for your partner often mean so much more than the grand gestures.

      Thanks for giving us more to read in such a short time.

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