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    Is this love chp 55&56

    Is this love
    Chapter 55
    Emma Kennard was nervous about what was normally one of the highlights of her week – a relaxing lunchtime with Rosemary Porter. She knew that her friend was utterly delighted about the news that their daughters were dating – what worried her was the fact that it was obvious that she did not share the enthusiasm of Bette’s mom. In Emma’s mind women like Bette Porter did not form long term relationships with women like Tina. Tina was a fantastic girl but she did not have the drive and ambition that Bette Porter did. In Emma’s mind Tina and Bette simply were in different leagues and she didn’t want her daughter getting hurt which looked like it was inevitable given how devoted Tina was to the beautiful and successful gallery owner.
    Emma opened the door of what had become their favourite café and saw that Rosemary was already there – she was reading a newspaper. Emma smiled despite herself – just seeing Rosemary Porter – Rosemary Owens as Emma remembered her at University put her in a better mood. Rosemary was just one of life’s natural balms – the last thing that Emma wanted was the relationship between their daughters to come between them.
    “Hello Rosemary “
    “Emma – hello – how are you? have you been away?”
    “Yes “Emma slipped her coat off and sat down “I went away for a few days “
    “Anywhere nice?”
    “I just took myself off in my car – I ended up near Stony Point – booked myself into a guesthouse and did some walking and saw some of the sights”
    Rosemary’s look was of barely concealed surprise
    “It was a favourite thing that Kate and I did. She was spontaneous and she used to tease me that I couldn’t go to bed unless I had the next day totally planned out ahead of me. Sometimes I would leave work and she would be sitting waiting for me with our bags packed and she’d booked a flight somewhere or a hire car. So, I did that this weekend “
    “And did you enjoy yourself?”
    Emma thought for a few minutes “I did – I had a weekend of just thinking about my wife”
    “I am sorry “
    “No – don’t be. Sometimes I am guilty of not thinking about her – not thinking about the good times – not thinking about all the things that she taught me about enjoying life and her whole philosophy. it was good for me “
    “Would you ever get involved again?”
    “I was told very firmly by Kate that I had to – she was insistent about that but I am not sure if I could go through the whole dating business again – I am more wary than I was when I met Kate “
    “You shouldn’t rule it out – you have a lot to offer the right woman “
    Emma laughed – Rosemary was always so positive that it almost became annoying.
    “We will see – how is Melvin?”
    “Very well – he likes Tina a lot “
    Emma knew that the whole topic of Bette and Tina was going to dominate their discussions for several weeks until – well until when – Bette got tired of Tina? Tina messed up in some way and Rosemary blamed Emma for Tina hurting Bette? who knew
    “Good “
    “We had no idea about them – did you ?”
    “Not a one – I saw Tina last week and there was a fair bit of gloating going on about how they had both fooled us. I guess they deserve their victory given how many plans we made to get them together. “
    “They came over for lunch yesterday “
    “I remember you inviting them – did you have a nice time?”
    “We had a lovely time – Tina sent us flowers to thank us for feeding her – she was just delightful. She is very charming “
    Emma smiled – the Kennard charm was something that Tina had in abundance. As she got older Emma could see how Tina was so much her other mother’s daughter.
    “She is “Emma agreed
    “You should be very proud of her – she is a delightful young woman “
    “She takes after her mother “Emma said not adding if that was a good or a bad thing
    “We had a really nice few hours – she is very knowledgeable about so many things”
    “She does read a lot “Emma said “She always loved reading when she was growing up – she could have been an academic “
    “Yes – she was always top of her classes – sadly she discovered movies around 14-15 and her marks started to slip. We discovered that she was skipping classes in favour of going to the cinema to see anything and everything “
    Rosemary smiled “It seems that our daughters were both unusual – most children come off the rails when they discover boys and beer and drugs “
    “Boys were always a mystery to Tina – she never showed the slightest interest in men. I know she was asked out by a lot of boys but none of them had an earthly chance. She did drink beer from about 16 and it was something that we kind of allowed. Kate’s family had been very strict about alcohol and she didn’t want that for Tina – we had a more liberal attitude. I wish we had been stricter about her obsession with movies “
    “Watching lots of films can hardly be bad for anyone “
    “She’s a dreamer – an attitude which I am sure comes from spending her whole-time watching movies, reading about movies and whatever else. If she watched less movies, she might have a better career “
    Rosemary sighed – it was a shame that her friend regarded a movie obsession as a bad thing. To her it was just proof that when they had been growing up both Bette and Tina had been slight outsiders – that meant that there was a connection. Both only children and slight outsiders – Rosemary was extremely hopeful about the future of her daughter’s newest relationship
    “I think you should give Tina more credit – she is very well read, very articulate and just lovely. I could not be more thrilled with Bette’s girlfriend “
    “If you were on the witness stand, I would start questioning you as to whether you have been less than thrilled by Bette’s previous dates because that is what you are saying “
    Rosemary laughed
    “Shall we order our food first then I will squeal “
    “Seems reasonable – what are you having – on me “
    It took several minutes for their orders to be placed and for them both to be fuelled with coffee. Emma stirred her coffee and regarded Rosemary; she had been wondering why the stunningly beautiful Bette Porter was not already snapped up.
    “Bette is unusual in that she is a hopeless romantic which is pretty rare in the world of modern New York lesbians. She wants to take care of any woman who loves her. She was in a long-term relationship in her final year at university and she found out that this woman who she had bought a ring for – she found out that she was cheating on her. Helena found out and told Bette – it devastated her – she totally went to pieces. From that point onwards she did fall for a couple of other women and they broke her heart. She went a long time after that when she strictly refused to go out with any woman. Since then it’s been beautiful women on her arm but from what I have learnt from Helena that she doesn’t sleep with any of them and holds them very much at arm’s length. It is like she shut a part of herself down. if I had a criticism of my daughter it would be that she doesn’t have realistic expectations. She wants a woman who she can live happily ever after with and there would never be a fight or a crisis”
    Emma couldn’t hide her surprise at Rosemary’s revelation – she would never have seen Bette as some unrealistic dreamer – it made her sound a little like her movie obsessed daughter. Well that sealed things – their relationship had no chance if they were both so foolish and unrealistic.
    “She doesn’t seem like that “
    “Bette is an incurable romantic – it takes a special woman to see that in her and not either reject it out of hand or exploit her. She is a wealthy woman and she wants to give the women she gives her heart to the moon and the stars”
    Emma bite her tongue – she didn’t intend to be the first person to pour scorn on their daughter’s new relationship
    “It seems that Tina likes to be treated well- Bette likes that “
    “Tina inherited all of Kate’s money “Emma said feeling the need suddenly to defend Tina
    “I know she lives frugally and she tries to live on what pittance she earns from the centre but she does have money in investments and the apartment is hers outright. It meant a lot to both of us that Tina is well provided for “
    “I am not getting at Tina “Rosemary said “I can see that while Tina likes being looked after she is also not going to let her go over the top. I have very high hopes for this relationship.”
    Emma smiled “I think it is very important to let them develop their relationship at their own speed “
    “They have been together three months – I don’t know about Tina but that is a long time for Bette – she has been dating women and none of them have lasted longer than a few weeks – so this is big for her. I would say that this is the biggest relationship she has been in since she was 25. She was with someone for 6 months and she was besotted with her – she was utterly devoted – there is nothing she wouldn’t have done for that woman “Rosemary shook her head “Nothing at all “
    “It didn’t end well?” Emma asked
    “When it ended and they had a tempestuous relationship Bette fell apart. She barely emerged from her house in three months – she stopped running and taking care of herself. Helena was worried sick- she would show up with meals and sit with Bette until she ate something. It’s heart-breaking to see your only child that defeated “
    “I know “Emma thought of Tina after her mother died
    “Since then Bette has seemingly given up. That is partly why I wanted her to date Tina because I really thought that Tina was so different to all the other type of women that she has been seeing. I just never thought that they would click the way that they clearly have. Spend some time in their company Emma and you will see for yourself that they are just crazy about one another. I have never seen Bette the way she is with Tina “
    “Well its early days for them “
    “It’s not just that though I do know what you mean – it’s that they are comfortable with one another. Tina yesterday showed no nerves about having Sunday lunch with her girlfriend and her parents – she was just at ease and she came over so well. I think she is a very special young woman and I know my daughter – she thinks the same. We might end up as mother in laws “Rosemary laughed. She was aware that Emma was doubtful of Tina but the longer that she saw the two women together – the more confident she was that they were very well suited – she had confidence in their relationship. She would be the cheerleader for Bette and Tina’s relationship while Emma was the cynical one.
    “Well I hope that you are right “Emma said with feeling “It would be good for both our daughters to find the right woman for them “
    Tina was working in her office – since the news had come through that the centre had been awarded a grant from the Peabody Foundation the whole place had been buzzing. She was trying to cost out the various suggestions for improvements and see which ones were financially possible and which ones were just pipe dreams. She was just studying the spreadsheet she had been creating when someone knocked on the door
    “Come in “Tina called
    “Good afternoon darling “
    Tina looked up in some shock – this was only the fourth time her mother had shown up at the centre. Normally she stood out like a sore thumb but she looked casual and for once her look of arrogant disdain was missing.
    “Hello mother – this is a nice surprise “
    “Thank you – I hear that your centre got the Peabody money that you were hoping for “
    “Yes – it’s really brought the place to life –we are discussing what to do with it “
    “Are you the person making the decisions ?”
    “No – I will be making a recommendation “
    “It would be nice if one of the decisions was that you were made full time “
    Tina shrugged – in truth she had decided to start job hunting. She had talked to Bette and admitted that she did want a new challenge. It really didn’t matter what she did as long as it was something that she regarded as a step up from her current job. Bette’s gentle assertion that Tina was capable of so much more than what she was currently doing had actually given her the confidence to admit that she did want to try and do something else. When they had got back to Bette’s place after eating too much Sunday lunch, they had started to work on getting Tina an up-to-date version of her resume.
    “I am not that important to this centre – the money is “
    “And they wouldn’t have this money if it hadn’t been for you and your connections”
    Tina smiled
    “You are the one who has been telling me long enough to use the connections I have”
    “I have “
    Emma sat down and regarded her daughter
    “I had lunch with Rosemary Porter today “
    “Yes “Tina said
    “She is very impressed with you “
    Tina grinned “I know “
    “She sings your praises – apparently you are intelligent and charming and lots of other very positive things “
    “Did you confirm or deny this?”
    “I said that you are a very special young woman “
    “Thank you “Tina had looked for the double-edged sword in her mother’s comment but couldn’t find one
    “She is very impressed with how crazy Bette is with you “
    “Its mutual “Tina said “We are very happy “
    “I know that you think I am down on you but I am not – I want the best for you and it’s obvious that Bette is making you happier than I have seen you for a long time”
    “Bette is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time – she’s amazing and really positive which helps when I am being down on myself. She just has a wonderful attitude “
    “Her mother told me that Bette had been very badly hurt in the past – very badly hurt”
    Tina didn’t reply – there had been hints and undoubtedly, they did need to talk about their pasts but it was something they had not delved too deeply into. Tina really didn’t want to talk about Jane and the other women who she now regarded as the human equivalent of road accidents – she wanted to focus all her efforts and energies into Bette and what they were capable of building between them
    “Everyone gets hurt – it’s how you get over it “
    “Bette didn’t come out of her house for three months according to her mother “
    Tina hadn’t heard that and didn’t like hearing it from her mother
    “I remember wearing the same sweatshirt for six weeks “Tina replied “Everyone is different. She’s a different person now and so am I. we get on really well and we make each other happy. I know she’s had hard times and I know that she has been very badly hurt. I don’t intend to hurt her and she’s not out to hurt me. “
    “How long have the two of you been dating now?”
    “This is week 14 – just over three months “
    “Do you have some sort of timetable for the future?”
    “No – we are enjoying ourselves – we are talking about whether we want to take lots of long weekends away or build everything into a big two weeks away together – either would be great”
    Emma smiled “I went away at the weekend “
    “Did you really go away – when you said that you would be away at the weekend I wondered if you were just being tactful “
    “No – I was going away. When I went away with Rosemary and Melvin, I had such a great time that I vowed I would go away myself – I drove up to Stony Point and I did some walking”
    Tina was surprised – that was not like her mother now.
    “You used to do that a lot with mom “
    “I did – what I have come across town to say Tina is that I am really happy that you have met a woman who so obviously adores you – I know that you and I have been having problems lately and yes that is probably because I am too harsh on you. It’s wonderful to see that after everything you went through after Kate died you are smiling and there is that lovely sparkle in your eyes. If Bette is the one for you, I couldn’t be happier. Your mom wanted you to be happy and so do I – can we try and start again please babe “
    Is this love
    Chapter 56
    Bette was standing at the bar of her favourite lesbian bar. She had just bought a beer and looked around for a table to sit while she waited for Tina to arrive. They were spending the evening and probably the night together – the only things they hadn’t decided was what they were doing and where they were going. Bette sat down and took a paperback from her bag – she was determined not to catch any woman’s eye and already she had spotted a few admiring glances. It wasn’t something that she was going to encourage – as far as she was concerned, she was very much off the market. She had always hated the whole experience of meeting and getting to know women in clubs and bars. Even though she was successful at it she found it difficult and now that Tina was in her life, she was just very relieved to be free of the feeling that she should be turning on the famed Porter charm.
    She hadn’t been able to think of anything all day apart from one 5ft 6in tall blonde. It was crazy how Tina had seeped into every part of her life – she had photographs of the two of them on her phone and in she didn’t know that James and Helena would break ribs laughing at her – she would have made one particular picture of Tina her wallpaper. It was a great feeling to be in love and it was even better that Tina felt the same way. Bette sighed – she was happy – really and truly happy.
    “Hey there “
    Bette looked up and smiled. Tina was wearing jeans and a black cashmere sweater – she looked really good.
    “Hey – you want a beer?”
    “It’s okay – I’ll get it – you want another one?”
    “No – I have barely touched this one thanks”
    “Won’t be a minute “Tina went to the bar – Bette turned and watched her – any excuse to check out her cute butt and to make sure that no one else was checking her out. A tall brunette slide next to Tina and spoke to her – Bette was half way out of her seat before she realised that Tina was giving her very clear “not interested “signals. Bette sat down and watched as Tina made the woman smile and move down the bar so she was away from her. That was classy – giving someone the brush off and making it seem like she had done them a favour. Tina came back from the bar carrying a glass of red wine.
    “Bit early for the wine “Bette commented
    “It’s been a very strange day “
    “How – has your mom been in touch?”
    “She showed up at work “
    Bette raised an eyebrow “I wasn’t aware it was a cold day in hell “
    “Oh it gets weirder – snow must have been falling like December in Colorado down below “
    “She had lunch with your mom –some of the things she said sounded very much like your mom. Plus, do you remember last week when we came out your mom invited us for Sunday lunch and she said that she was going away ?”
    “And you thought it was a line “
    “Turns out that it was not a line and that she did just pack herself a bag and head out onto the highway. She went to a place where she used to go to a quaint little hotel with my mom. She spent the weekend walking and being a tourist. She said she had bought some casual clothes “
    Bette didn’t understand why Tina emphasised the last point with a telling raise of the eyebrow
    “You have lost me”
    “How many times have you met my mother?”
    “About 10-12 times I guess “
    “And have you ever seen her wearing say casual trousers – it’s always business suits isn’t it?”
    “Yeah “
    “This is mainly because that’s about all she does wear – if she is buying casual clothes, she must be planning to wear them – it looks like she is doing her best to chill out “
    “That’s good for her – does this thawing involving giving you a break “
    “That is what is amazing but yes – she really surprised me. She made a few points about the grant from Helena and said that they should employ me full time as a reward for me being the reason we got the grant in the first place “
    “You didn’t tell her?”
    “That I don’t want to be there next year – even sooner if I can find something else ? no – there was too much likelihood of a dose of “I told you so’s “ I think the best time to tell mom that I am leaving the centre is when I have a new job to go to “
    “The not telling her policy worked so well with our relationship”
    Tina chuckled – took a sip of her wine and took hold of Bette’s hand. Bette smiled at Tina’s gesture. That was a nice feeling – Bette kissed Tina’s hand and lent across and kissed her softly on the lips
    “That feels nice “
    “Play your cards right – that might be the first of many”
    “I was banking on it – before or after we go to the movies “
    Bette smiled “So what happened with the old bat?”
    “She said that while she knew that the two of us has not always had the greatest relationship and that was probably down to her – that floored me. Then she said that she was really pleased that the two of us were a couple and she hoped that we made it work “
    “Had she been drinking?”
    Tina smiled and shook her head “I have no idea – something must have happened because all of a sudden she was trying to be friendly and asking me questions about the two of us and saying that it was obvious that we made each other happy “
    “Wow “Bette said smiling “That’s really good “
    “It is “
    “Did you ask her why she had been giving you a hard time about you and Helena ?”
    “A misunderstanding “ Tina said “She really thought that you and I were just fated never to meet – so when she saw Helena and I together and seemingly very friendly”
    “It doesn’t explain her going down your throat “
    “No – but my mother is a contradiction “
    “Did the two of you make peace?”
    “She wants to take us to dinner this week –I said that we would be delighted to join her. What day is okay by you ?”
    “I don’t have plans other than paperwork and doing some ironing. I really must go the gym and fit a run in but that’s not going to take up more than three or four hours. Whatever day you want is fine by me babe. “
    “How about Thursday?”
    “That would work – I will text her and tell her “
    “Where is she taking us ?”
    “Well she could invite us to her apartment – we must angle for an invite – the view over Central Park is just wonderful – you will like it but as her cooking is rusty to say the least I am not sure she will risk- she might in a few weeks’ time – or if she picks the flat she will have it catered by some posh firm”
    “Like the ones I always get to cater when I have a gallery showing “
    “Do you – I have never been to one of those “
    “I was just finalising dates for the next one – maybe the beginning of July – any later and no one will be around. Equally there is a lot of work involved and I could just as easily hold it over until September – then you clash with fashion week and lots of grand events – it’s the time that a lot of perfumes and new drinks get launched “
    “Do you get invited to all of these things?”
    “Yeah – whether I go this year is another matter “
    “Why not?”
    “Most of these launches will be infested with the sort of women I used to date and I gave the brush off to – no desire to see most of them again “
    Tina remembered her mother saying that Bette had been hurt a lot in the past – it wasn’t something they had discussed in a huge amount of detail. Would it be tactful to say anything? No – this wasn’t the time or place – maybe when they were alone after a lot of food and alcohol – maybe then Bette might feel comfortable enough to open up.
    “I don’t mind “Tina said wondering if maybe Bette didn’t want to have to inflict a room full of her exes on her new partner. Bette smiled at her
    “You deserve better “Bette replied
    “If it’s just because of me “Tina started to say
    “It is and it isn’t. For me this is a new start – the two of us have made a connection that I haven’t had before and we are really doing well. I know there will be problems and we will have to face things but for now – let’s just enjoy what we have “
    “Am I right that you are much less of a party animal than you were before we met? “
    “I have never been the party animal that Helena is – mind you she needs to go to parties and dinners as part of what she does when she is representing Peggy. I used to have a black cocktail dress event about once or twice a fortnight “
    “And when did you last go to one?”
    “The whole scene is quiet at the moment – the recession isn’t helping “
    “But your gallery is doing well “Tina asked
    “Yes – a lot of my clients are recession proof, for other people yes they do not splash out a couple of thousand dollars on something that might be an investment like they did 12 -18 months ago. But the gallery is holding up very well”
    “I don’t know as much about art as you do “
    Bette smiled “I remember the first time you came to the gallery –I had that female form exhibition on “
    “Now that was something else “
    Bette chuckled
    “I am thinking of having a gay exhibition “
    “That last one was pretty gay to me “Tina said
    “This one would be really aimed at the gay community – I know the pieces that I would like to show and I have asked James to make some recommendations for what gay men would like “
    “I can make an educated guess or two “Tina said dryly
    “Well that’s what I would have said but he’s come up with one or two interesting ideas has my boy James “
    “He is very fond of you – do you know that?”
    Bette sipped her beer “I pay him and I am a source of his pseudo nonsense therapy speak “

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    1. First, i still don’t trust Emma, let we see how she will act and behave in the future.

      Tina doesn’t want children and Bette wants them. That will be the biggest hurdle so far in their relationship. Let them talk about it as grown up and mature woman, but i do understand Bette’s fear.

      Oh boy, you do know how to drop a bomb and let us hanging allyemmerson!

      I looks forward to the next chapter!

    2. I agree with BiBi, I trust Emma about as far as I can throw her. Which seeing as how she is fictional doesn’t add weight to my thinking. But I do not trust her. She is up to something and I bet it will be revealed at dinner. Perhaps she will reveal all the women Bette shagged or the rumors about her. Bring it on Ally! Also, I think Tina will be fine with kids once her confidence grows… I totally get that her rocky relationship with that bag Emma influences her maternal feelings. Love this story, thanks for the quick post….

    3. Well Emma is trying. I wonder how long this will last? Her thinking is far too negative about the relationship between Bette and Tina. She first thinks its a good idea to get Tina and Bette to get together. Then she thinks Tina is not good enough for Bette. Now she thinks that Bette is not the person she thought she was and perhaps she and Tina doomed to fail. How on earth did she ever get along with Kate? She just needs to let Tina and Bette proceed with their relationship as an observer and not do anything that would push Tina one way or another. If Tina is happy and Bette is treating her well, then Emma should be happy. And despite Bette’s failed relationships of the past and her character flaws (being a dreamer), she is making her way in the world and she has chosen Tina. She needs to accept that dreamers can have successful self-fulfilling happy lives too.

      I was really thrown when Tina revealed she had no desire to have a family and/or had never considered the possibility. Of course, Tina is in the here and now at the moment and does not seem to think too much about the future. Where Bette is constantly thinking about the future… having a wife and children. Of course Bette has already achieved her very successful career, where Tina is still searching for what she wants to do. Bette is from a close and loving family, where Tina is still morning the loss of her other mother and having difficulties relating to and communicating with her birth mother. Until her problems with Emma are resolved, they stand as a stumbling block in seeing herself as a mom herself. I can see that for Tina, having a baby with Bette talks are just a bit premature.

      Although Bette and Tina are very much smitten with each other, there is still a lot they need to achieve and establish before they start mapping out what the rest of their lives will look like. Its been less than a week since the great reveal. They are still in the dating stage and they need to get to know one another better before they proceed on.

    4. I feel a bumpy road ahead without Emma’s help for now.. but she did say she didnt think she would make a good mom or have that feeling that she thinks she should have. But most all women think that. Those feeling come later for some. My wife never wishes to have any. It’s not an issue for us because I had two children prior to her and if she feels strongly about it I would never push. She always says she would screw it up which I dont see happening but it’s her choice.

    5. Never would have thought of kids being the big hurdle in their relationship. I hope Bette will get over her insecurities and have trust in Tina’s growing confidence. Tina will hopefully remember all the love she got from Kate and see and feel the love of Bette’s parents. In time she might change her mind. But having kids or not would be a breaking point for many relationships. That’s not something you can compromise on.

      Emma… I’m just appalled by her behaviour. How can a loving parent have such a low opinion of her child. I really wonder why Kate ever married her.
      Maybe Emma needs someone who tells her that she herself won’t be able to keep any woman. Projecting much? They would run off when they realized what an arrogant, snobbish, manipulating, self-centered, overbearing woman Emma is. My last sliver of hope is another story of yours, Ally. One and only. Emma was my least sympathic character until…well, you know ;-)

      Great story, so entertaining!

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