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    L-topia Part 1

    Alice “Yeah, well she did do something the other prospective roommates couldn’t do and that’s pay the first month’s rent in advance. That always helps.”

    As Marina tends to other tables, checking on customers Alice and Dana are joined by a woman named Lisa.

    Lisa “Hey.”

    Alice “Hey, Lisa what’s up?”

    Lisa “Is Shane not here?”

    Dana shakes her head.

    Alice “Her roommate’s coming in today.”

    Lisa “Shit. I was hoping to meet up with her. Ah well I can just call her later.”

    Dana finishes up her morning salad and rises from her seat.

    Dana “Okay guys, I’ve gotta flight to catch.”

    Lisa “Where to this time?”

    Dana “Memphis, South Cup. See if I can bounce back from Melbourne.”

    Alice “Knock ’em dead, Dane.”

    Lisa “Good luck!”

    Dana “Thanks, guys.”

    Dana is a tennis star though she is not at the level she would like to be. She had an early departure from the Australian Open and it was time to get back to work. There has been training and now it is off to Memphis for the South Cup tournament.

    Life moves on in West Hollywood as Bette makes her way to work and Dana exits for the airport. Tina’s morning jog is normally predictable. During her trek around the block, she will see the same people usually doing the same things as every morning. She will see the same vehicles parked in the same spots and other vehicles familiar to her driving in the same directions as the other mornings. With the occasional exception of a delivery van, not much is different. This morning, Tina notices something striking in the normalcy. It is a brown Pontiac Firebird that looks from the 1970s. Its engine has the roar of a classic muscle car, a little different from the more modern muscle of Bette’s Holden Monaro. Tina looks at the car momentarily and sees an unfamiliar face looking back at her while driving.

    After seeing a rather attractive blonde woman jogging on the sidewalk to her right, Jenny Schecter goes back to focusing on the address. She is on North Genesee Avenue and now it’s just a matter of finding the correct house or even better, the baby blue pickup truck of its tenant.

    In the living room, Shane can hear the car outside pulling up to the side of the street. Looking out the window, she sees the brown Firebird.

    Shane “That’s her.”

    Knowing that there will be bags to carry, Shane opens the front door and exits. Jenny has shut the engine off and has exhaled deeply. She exits her car and sees a rather thin woman with pitch black hair like her own, but in a much different style.

    Jenny “Shane?”

    Shane “You must be Jenny.”

    Jenny smiles.

    Jenny “It’s finally good to get a face with the voice.”

    They greet one another with a handshake.

    Shane “Need any help getting your stuff in?”

    Jenny “Yes, that would be fantastic.”

    Shane “After we get everything in, I’ll give you the grand tour. Was the drive okay?”

    Jenny “It was long, but I didn’t wanna fly and leave the car behind.”

    Shane “Ah.”

    Shane and Jenny finally meet, after a month of email and phone correspondence. Tina continues her morning jog up North Genesee, then West on Fountain Ave, South on North Ogden Drive, East on Santa Monica past the Planet, then back up North on North Genesee to her home. Bette is arriving at the California Arts Center. Marina is hard at work at the Planet. Alice is on her way to the offices of LA Magazine where she gets assignments as a freelance writer. Dana is on her way to Los Angeles International Airport for a flight to Memphis with her tennis gear for the next tournament. Lisa Pantolini is on her way to work at her receptionist job at Shaolin Studios.

    It is another morning in West Hollywood with many more to follow.

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