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    L-topia Part 2

    “So this is home,” Jenny says with a smile as she and Shane arrive at what had once been a garage behind the house.

    Shane “Yeah, the guy who used to live here converted this into a place for his friends to crash. I figured it would make a good room for someone who wanted it.”

    Jenny “I like this one much better than the bedroom in the house.”

    Shane “So you’re cool then?”

    Jenny looks about the room with its futon, mini-fridge and desk. She nods with an approving grin.

    Jenny “This is very cool. I can set up my computer on the table and do all my writing here, I love it.”

    Shane gives a slight nod.

    Shane “Cool. Oh, um next door there’s a swimming pool. Bette and Tina, friends of mine. They’re neighbors, you’ll like ’em.”

    Jenny “Okay.”

    Jenny nods. Currently, she’s more excited about her new place than for neighbors or swimming pools.

    As Jenny gets herself further acclimated to her new surroundings, Dana is boarding a flight for Memphis at LAX. This is the life of a professional tennis player.

    Elsewhere, Bette is taking off for lunch at the CAC, Alice is at LA Magazine, and Marina is at the Planet as another familiar face arrives for lunch. Marina greets her as usual.

    Marina “Hey, how was practice?”

    The young lady nods, wearing her silk jacket with “CU Swim” over the left chest area.

    Trish “Good, Coach said I was in a zone. I just need to stay for the next meet. USC, Pac-10 after that. NCAA after that. I can’t afford an off-day now.”

    Marina walks with Trish to one of the counter stools inside the Planet.

    Marina “You will do just fine. What can I get you for today?”

    Trish “Three cheeseburgers, no mayo, and a grilled chicken sandwich with just lettuce. I’m a little drained.”

    Marina “Not to worry, Miss Peverell. You will be filled up with energy again soon enough.”

    Marina speaks with one of her Hispanic employees in fluent Spanish about Trish’s order. Trish meanwhile has taken her seat at the stool. She can never convince any of her teammates to come with her to the Planet so she normally dines alone. She is the most talented member of the California University swim team, keeping them competitive in the Pacific-10 Conference where they are included as a member for a few sports though not the higher revenue ones like men’s basketball or football. The life of a student athlete like Trish Peverell is loaded with maintaining balance. There are her team commitments, her school commitments, and her personal life for what little there is of it. As she waits for her order, the thought crosses her mind as it has numerous times before about her time at CU, representing the Blue Jays. How the students do not seem to notice her all that much until she helps the team win something, otherwise she basically disappears inside the student body. Perhaps one day, things will change for the better, but for now she needs to focus. She needs her balance.

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