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    L-topia Part 3

    Alice “I think she’s still pissed at ya, Shane.”

    Kit “Hey, don’t worry ’bout that, she’s just gettin’ it out of her system.”

    Shane, holding the right side of her head from the stinging blow grimaces.

    Shane “Yeah lemme know when she’s done.”

    Lisa “Wait, why is Lacey mad?”

    Alice “She didn’t return her phone call.”

    Lisa “Oh. I thought that was over.”

    Shane “It never started, Lisa.”

    Alice “Uh huh.”

    Shane “What?”

    Bette “I recall there being a start.”

    Tina “We were all there to witness it. We didn’t mean to, but-”

    Kit “Hold up.”

    Everyone at the table looks at Kit.

    Kit “One of y’all’s missin’.”

    Alice “Uh, yeah that’s Dana. She just landed in Memphis for a tournament. She’ll be away for a week.”

    Kit “Ah, man. A week in Memphis. Ain’t played a gig there in a few years, I love it there.”

    Bette “She loves it there.”

    Kit “Baby Sis, next time I go to Memphis I’m takin’ ya with me. That way you can experience Beale Street and the clubs, the food, hit up Graceland, all that.”

    Bette “I don’t know, Kit. Eight might be a crowd.”

    Kit removes her sunglasses.

    Kit “Now why ya gotta be like that?”

    Bette “Like what? What am I being like?”

    Kit “Like you don’t like my crew.”

    Bette “No, Kit I’m indifferent to your crew. It’s hard to enjoy any personal time with my sister when I have to go through the bodyguards to give you a hug.”

    Tina “Bette…?”

    Tina can sense that Kit always having an entourage is still a bother to her.

    Bette “Yes, Tee?”

    Tina doesn’t utter another word, speaking only with her eyes to quell the tension. Bette replies with her own facial expressions.

    Kit “Hey, it’s cool. Ya just gotta get to know ’em.”

    Bette “Well then, perhaps next time we’ll use a bigger table.”

    She smirks as she takes another sip. Alice sees that as her cue to try and steer things back in a positive direction.

    Alice “Ah, so! Kit! When’s your next gig?”

    Kit “Got the Roxy Tuesday Night. Finally got the negotiations patched out.”

    As Kit talks, Marina approaches the table.

    Marina “So you won’t be able to make it for Radar?”

    Kit “Na, but don’t worry I got my girl Renee ready to come in and spin for ya. That’s what I wanted to come by and tell ya. I’m still good for Friday night though.”

    Marina “Oh, good. Finding last minute replacements can be a challenging task.”

    Kit “We still good for Family Night tomorrow?”

    Bette “As far as I know.”

    Tina “Hey, we can invite Shane’s new roommate over.”

    Bette “That’s right, we can. Shane, do you think your new friend will be awake long enough to join us?”

    Shane “I don’t know. I’m not charge of her sleep schedule. But I can ask her. I think she’s a little unsure how to make friends in a new place. I think you’ll like her.”

    Tina “Marina, how about you? Think you’ll be able to make it?”

    Marina nods.

    Marina “Yes, I shall be there. …It’s getting to that point where I need to lock the doors and finish up.”

    Shane “Yeah, cool.”

    Shane stands from her seat, as does the rest of the group. At a nearby table, Lacey looks over and sees Kit and her friends standing then over at her fellow entourage mates.

    Lacey “Hey. Up.”

    Lacey stands and the others immediately follow. Kit, who is now standing gets their attention.

    Kit “Girls!”

    She snaps her fingers and the group of six make their way to Kit, forming into their positions.

    Marina “You have them trained well.”

    Kit “Hey, they know what the deal is.”

    Bette looks over at Tina, rolling her eyes. She is still unimpressed with the company Kit keeps.

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      • I do plan on addressing the entourage deal a little later on. From an editorial standpoint, there were some minor characters from the Pilot episode I wanted to do something with and that instantly came to mind so I just ran with it.

        And yes. Yes you did. :-)

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