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    Little Lies

    Tina hears Bette’s cell phone ring, she looks at the caller ID but doesn’t recognize the number, “Bette,” she calls out up the stairs but Bette doesn’t respond. Tina goes back into the kitchen to continue with dinner. Replaying the events of the day, Jenny’s funeral, Max going into labor early, Alice and Tasha trying to reconcile and Shane’s angry outburst at the group; it was so much to take in for one day.

    Things had been so crazy since Jenny had died, who would have thought things would get crazier if Jenny were dead, wow that’s kind of a sick thought; where did that come from? Well it was true, Tina definitely had a push me pull me relationship with Jenny and the last straw was finding the negatives to the film in the attic. 

    For some unknown reason Tina felt that in an odd way it was up to her to protect what was left of Jenny’s reputation. When Tina returned the negatives she explained that she had forgotten that she had taken them home to ensure that Adele didn’t get her hands on them. Aaron was furious with her but she really didn’t care, she was over his tantrums. Tina was looking forward to the move to New York; she knew it would do wonders for her new relationship with Bette, a new start in a new city.

    Bette makes her way downstairs after changing out of her suit she had worn to the funeral, into more comfortable clothing. Walking behind Tina, she wraps her arms around her waist; pulling Tina into her, nuzzling her nose into Tina’s neck. She smells so good, how did I get so lucky to have a second chance. “I love you Tina” she whispers

    “Why are you whispering?”

    “Cuz I’m hoping to get lucky tonight” Bette deadpans, again in a whisper, sending a shiver to Tina’s center. Damn, she knows all my weak spots. Tina bumps her ass into Bette forcing her to step back in order to not lose her footing. 

    Tina then turns around; placing her hands on the counter, “You have a missed call on your phone” Tina nods her head in the direction of Bette’s purse that is on the table with the cell phone lying on top of it.

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    1. Well, this is an interesting beginning. So you are assuming that the Interrogation tapes are a part of the story. Looking forward to what you do with this story… Always interested in new stories and always like to see new writers come aboard…

      Thanks for writing… hope to see more…

    2. Gosh U picked the event that a bunch of us have tried to visualize & make sense of . . . who killed Jenny & why???

      Whatever U come up w/ is fine by me!!!

      Welcome Sandra to the LWord twilight zone!!!

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