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    Music Is My Savior

    “The best” Alice answered for the six year old as she entered the house, her Mickey Mouse ears in hand. “We got on almost all the rides, right Ang?”

    Angelica beamed up at her mother, “Yeah and then auntie Alice got sick after eating too many churros. She made the guy stop the teacup ride so that she could run to the bathroom”

    Alice chuckled nervously as she looked down to the innocent girl, “We had a deal. You were supposed to leave that part out”

    Tina laughed as Angie shrugged without a care in the world and offered Alice some of her cotton candy. The blonde accepted after only a second’s hesitation, tearing off a piece of the pink section.

    “So I saw Bette outside” Alice spoke through a mouthful of cotton candy and Tina felt a jolt of fear in her chest, “She said she dropped by to talk about Angie and ended up working on the table”

    Tina had been in the process of putting a piece of cotton candy in her mouth and ended up missing her mark completely, the blue fluff hitting her chin instead. She felt another jolt in her chest as she wiped her face clean, trying to appear as nonchalant as ever.

    “Oh yeah, she noticed it was a bit wobbly”

    Alice frowned a bit, not alarmed in the slightest to anything. For one usually so intuitive, the blonde failed to pick up on any red flags. “It’s good that you guys are in a place where she can come over to talk and help you with something. You two didn’t fight right?”

    Oh she helped me with something alright.

    Tina cleared her throat and shook her head, “No, we got along perfectly fine”

    Alice smiled, “Good”

    She walked into the kitchen and Tina breathed a sigh of relief, having felt as though she dodged a major bullet. She sat Angie on her lap and proceeded to ask her daughter all about her day, happy with every excited detail.

    “Hey, TK”

    “Yeah?” Tina asked as she looked to Alice sitting at one of the chairs beside the dining table. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched her best friend rock the unstable wood back and forth.

    “Remind me to tell Porter that she did a shitty job at fixing this table”


    1. Wow!!!

      That was a really hot one off!!!

      Feel free to post anytime you have inspiration!!!

      I really loved and you ended it with a big chuckle from me at Alice’s words at the end!!!

    2. I’am very glad that you continue this serie. I like all the stories in it.

      But if you ask me – which storie from this serie i love the most – my choise would be “Stay”

      Waiting for your next storie!

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