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    Never Say Never – Chapter 2

    Relaxing after her last class, Tina lounged on a couch in her dorm room as she slowly flipped through a celebrity magazine. It was Saturday and unfortunately she had no luck convincing Alice to take her to The Planet. She had tried all week with no avail and the only thing she managed to do was annoy her sister so bad that she was no longer answering any of Tina’s phone calls.

    Tina thought carefully about her next course of action, unwilling to let the day pass her by. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Brenda since that day at the café and would be filled with deep regret if she didn’t at least try to make it to The Planet.

    Just then, a brunette burst into the room and cut into Tina’s thoughts. She threw her head back dramatically and tossed her bag onto Tina’s lap, crushing her magazine.

    ”Ugh, I’m so tired!”

    Tina couldn’t help but smirk at her over exaggerating friend as she pushed the bag down towards her feet, ”What class did you have?”

    ”None, I walked across campus” The brunette sighed as she fell onto the adjacent couch, ”It’s bigger than it looks”

    Tina chuckled as she settled back to her previous position and straightened out her magazine. She reached for the other tucked between herself and the couch cushion before tossing it over to the brunette. It was a daily routine for the two girls, had been since the day they met during the first week of classes.

    Tina had just moved into her dorm when the brunette knocked on the door stating she knew someone who was living in the same room. When Tina questioned the mystery brunette, the reply was simple: ”I’m Carmen, your new best friend”

    They had been friends ever since.

    ”Someone told me that I looked like Eva Longoria the other day” The brunette scrunched up her nose as she brought the magazine closer to her face to better examine one of the pictures, ”I don’t see why though. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress like that”

    Tina laughed as she turned the page of her magazine, glancing over to her friend Carmen. Aside from her flowing beautiful brown hair, she had flawless tanned skin with curves that killed. Her face was nothing to dismiss either and Tina fully understood why both men and women constantly fell at the brunette’s feet. Tina could see certain similarities to Eva Longoria but immediately thought that her friend looked ten times better.

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